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Author Topic: Being a hypochondriac or maybe it really is an underlying issue...  (Read 406 times)

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I'm feeling quite annoying when making topics, but I really can't help but to need a quick outlet to share all of this right now. I know in the end I'm going to need some sort of doctor to properly examine the issue.

I've been feeling the chest pains. I tried to pass it as my anxiety trying to get the best of me and cope with it the way I have previously and it was a success. It would go away for a little while but when it comes back it feels to only get worse than before.

Specifically the pain is coming from the left side of my chest, a bit around where the breast bone is towards the left... I've went to the doctor's a few times and was given an EKG about it along with other symptoms that occurred at the time and in the end it was seen as nothing wrong and then finally my doctor says after putting pressure around that area that I had costochondritis. It's likely due to lots of caffeine intake since I've had certain drinks I tend to get addicted towards that in the long run has ruined some of the things when it comes to my physical appearance... I have been trying to cut down more so lately and after a week just about of not having tea or coffee that I decided to have some coffee anyway. Then I started to get a sharp pain later on while drinking it. But even while not having any of those drinks I've been having the pain on and off where it would even effect my breathing and heart rate. That's what scares me.

Not to mention that with the whole costochondritis that it seems to have appeared every five to six months and when it does occur I would need to take certain pills for the pain to lessen. Sometimes they work, other times they don't. I've stopped taking them and would try to just take aspirin instead. I have been due with the five to six month period but it wouldn't last as long as it has been lately. It's making me think that it could be something more so serious than just a plain old checkup to confirm as to what was wrong. Forbidding myself to use Google since I know it will only make me feel even worse and I have had panic attacks due to going crazy with Google it makes me feel like based on the past readings I've had that it could also go as far as to having breast cancer. I would be really scared if this is the case and yet I'm doing nothing to prevent it from getting worse. I would feel that one side has more of the inflammation than how the other side would seem...

So... What would be recommended to do? I feel simply going to my doctor is just going to be the same old story and a waste of money to pay for the visit. I've been given EKGs by the hospital in my town and even the hospital I can't always trust. I don't know where else to turn to. Financially things are going rough and with what is going on right now I think I'm already contributing enough to the problem. I just hate how when things like this stem into a problem it's at the most inconvenient times. I was going along just fine until I fear that these episodes just start up again. :/

Thanks for any and all responses. This will be my last topic for a while.
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