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Author Topic: GAD and Health Anxiety  (Read 294 times)

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GAD and Health Anxiety
« on: March 28, 2014, 09:24:10 PM »
I'm in a horrible place. Have been about 3 years. I've had anxiety my entire life. Got bad about 8 years ago. Health anxiety started then. I've had so many diseases I should be gone by now.

Had trouble getting pregnant. Finally did after a year and started nerve pain in hands and feet. Electric like and with motion only. Had baby girl. Eventually nerve pains went away. In the meantime convinced myself this was the start of ALS. Worst possible outcome. This went on for some time. Got back on Zoloft and fears subsided. The day after my daughters first birthday (Nov 6, 2012) my mom told me she was dying. She went in the hospital. I started a buzzing sensation in both calves and feet. Pretty much nonstop. Mom passed away 3 days after Christmas. My symptoms escalated.

Now to present day, all I worry about is I have ALS. I've never stopped worrying. My psychiatrist says I have GAD, HA, OCD, and grief. All of which could cause the buzzing twitching. Been to the neuro for several years. Tons of tests. All normal.

Any advice on what helps you? I'm in the mental healing process and will take any advice. My mom was always the one giving me advice, now I feel lost.

Thank you!
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Re: GAD and Health Anxiety
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2014, 06:35:03 AM »
Distraction is the main thing that helps people. Finding things to do. So you are not just sitting there thinking inwardly. Which is what you are doing. Plus you have to learn to accept what the doctors tells you. They give you the all clear you have to believe them. Not second guess them. You said it yourself at the start of your post. The amount of things you thought you had over the years. This is just another one of them. It is not real. It just your mind working over time. Feed off the past. All those things you thought you had. The fact that none of them were real. That should show you what your mind can do to you. Get yourself a hobby. Something else to focus on. Once you take your mind off of yourself you will find that things will begin to clear up.
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Re: GAD and Health Anxiety
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2014, 07:52:45 PM »
I deal with GAD and Health Anxiety too. I know worrying about something isn't going to prevent it nor help it, but I just can't stop. My mind races with what if's and sadness of dying, suffering etc.

I wish I had the answer for us all but if I did I wouldn't still be dealing with it so badly!  A few books that have really helped me through some rough times were, Calm My Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Content by Linda Dillow and Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer.
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Re: GAD and Health Anxiety
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2014, 04:45:12 AM »
I'm dealing with GAD and health anxiety too.
I have been suffered from panic disorder and GAD since 9years ago.
And I am new to health anxiety which make me mad everyday.
I feel mild pain in my lower back, sometimes left stomach and I think it is traveling.
So anxious to get any serious illness, but finally I can stop googling that makes me feel a bit more comfortable...
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