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Author Topic: 3 months of health anxiety (MS)  (Read 364 times)

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3 months of health anxiety (MS)
« on: March 27, 2014, 09:29:08 AM »
Hi, I'm new here, but it seemed like a good place to find like minded people who might be able to offer some support/relate to my severe health anxiety. Namely, the last three months I've been obsessed with the idea that I have MS.

It started 3 months ago. I was on the birth control pill for two months. When I started my new pack for the third month, that night my right foot felt like it was going to fall asleep. It was nuts. I was just lying in bed, and then - bam - all of a sudden, pins and needles. I completely freaked out. Being a hypochondriac on the birth control pill is a nightmare. The pamphlet that comes with the pills lists dozens of really scary things that can happen to you!

So I started worrying that I was having a stroke, or a blood clot, or upon further googling...MS. I immediately went off the pill and haven't gone back since.

After that, I started getting random skin prickling sensations all over my legs and arms, randomly, one here, one there every few hours. I tried to tell myself maybe it was dry skin, it's been below zero here for months. But when I looked at my skin, it looked fine! Not dry at all! However, I started showering with cooler water and used moisturizer a few times, and then haven't had it since.

However, I HAVE continued to have this annoying feeling like my foot is falling asleep. It's also happened to both hands. I've tried putting them in very hot water, and then putting them in very cold water to see if it helped the circulation. It helped a bit.

But the pins and needles in the foot go on and on. What is interesting, is that if I'm out all day, walking around, doing stuff...I don't notice it. And when I've been sleeping I haven't noticed it. Until last night. I kept waking up feeling like it was asleep. I'm not imagining it feeling that way, because I'll often be doing something and then notice that it feels funny, very very mild pins and needles.

I also have l'hermittes sign. Which I know is very bad for a person to have who worries that they might have MS!!! I've actually had it for years but never knew what it was until recently when I was looking up pins and needles!!!

I tried to reassure myself that maybe it was due to a vitamin B12 deficiency, I have been vegetarian since 2000. The last several years I have been limiting my dairy product intake as I worry about weight gain, and the negative information you read about milk. I haven't taken any vitamins until recently. 6 weeks ago I started taking a 1000mcg B12 tablet every day.

Anyway, it doesn't seem to have helped at all. The l'hermittes sign is still there, as is the almost constant mild pins and needles.

I went to the doctor and told about the pins and needles, though I worded it more like on and off again tingling, since it's kind of like that. In my hands and feet. She asked if it was more on one side, at the time I couldn't tell. Now I'm sure it's more on one side. Then I mentioned the l'hermittes sign. So guess what? She wrote down "MS" on a sheet of paper with "urgent" on it, to get me in to have MRI's and EMG's.

She also ordered a blood test to rule out vitamin deficiency. Which I have done, and didn't hear back from. That was over a week ago. Usually when nothing is wrong with a test, you just don't hear back. Which makes me think, GREAT, I guess it wasn't B12 after all!!! There are VERY FEW things that cause l'hermittes sign!!! I don't have back problems (it gets sore and tired after cooking and cleaning) but I don't think I have a pinched nerve.

But then again, my brain thinks...maybe it's a tumor on my spine!!! It's possible.

One more mother has suffered from an undiagnosed debilitating condition that has made her unable to walk properly for over 40 years! They suspected MS, she had MANY of the symptoms, but all her tests came back clear!!! Never the less, she has walked dragging her feet for years, has had muscle spasms, her feet are swollen and red and she's been using a walker for over a decade. She basically props herself up on the walker and just drags herself along. She's 75 years old.

So I've grown up seeing her like that, and always worried it was genetic. Maybe it is MS and she just never got the proper diagnosis. I don't know.

Either way, I just wish I could stop obsessing!!! I wish the pins and needles would go away and I could just go back to normal and chalk it up as just another one of my stupid health anxiety issues!!! Over the years I've thought I have had several things. Colon cancer, ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, PCOD, breast cancer, abdominal tumour, lymphoma (which I also suspect I might have due to a sore elbow for no reason).

So I have to wait until the middle of May for all my tests. I wish I could stop thinking about it all. I hoped maybe it was just anxiety, but I don't have any external issues causing me stress, and if it was just anxiety, why is it mostly in one foot? So basically, I'm convinced that it must be some kind of nerve damage caused by MS or something worse.

I HAVE actually properly diagnosed myself with things in the past!!! Like having ganglion cysts, and a hypotrophic scar which I worried was skin cancer.

It's very annoying, especially since I can't really talk about with anyone. My boyfriend knows that I'm a hypochondriac and often jokes about it! We were watching a t.v show the other day that had a character with ALS and he looked at me and said "I guess you must know all about ALS! Let me guess, you think you have that too?!!!" I guess you have to just laugh sometimes!!!

I really don't want to start frequenting MS forums either. I don't think they really appreciate us hypochondriacs looking for their support.

I also read a blog written by someone who is a hypochondriac who DID end up having MS. At the end he basically said that you CAN be a hypochondriac and still get sick!!!
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Re: 3 months of health anxiety (MS)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2014, 02:52:41 PM »
Hi Starburst,

I a convinced that I have MS which I how I ended up on here. Did your doctors manage to find out what was causing your symptoms? Hopefully it was good news and it was all caused by anxiety!
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Offline danielvarian

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Re: 3 months of health anxiety (MS)
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2014, 03:06:32 PM »
People who suffer from anxiety(including myself) are prone to tingling sensations in the hands and feet.

I thought i had a tethered spinal cord.
Got an MRI and everything came back clear.
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Re: 3 months of health anxiety (MS)
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2014, 07:20:33 PM »
If I didn't wake up every morning with at least one numb hand, leg, arm or foot, I would think I was dead!  I could stand to lose some weight (about 30 lbs thanks 5 years at my high-pressure, sedentary job), and the extra weight has exacerbated the following:  feelings of pins and needles, feelings of heaviness or perceived weakness in a limb, generally feeling tired and unwell (a result of constant stress and probably adrenal burnout), pain and tenderness around lower, left rib-cage when I sleep on my left side, excessive gas, blah blah blah.  Just for a moment, let's consider the WORST scenario, that you did have MS (which you DO NOT):  People live 25, 35, 45+ years with this nowadays, and it's not a death sentence.  Sure, it's inconvenient, but look at Montel Williams? It certainly hasn't hurt his career.  Look at Vanna White!  There are many successful actors, business people, and every day people LIVING LIFE with MS.  Again, waking up with a numb arm / leg, etc. or having tingling means nothing, but if you can't let it rest, have a neurologist do an MRI and put the matter to rest.  You'll be fine, Blessings!
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