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Author Topic: Cannot shake this "smoke smell" WTH is this?!?!  (Read 379 times)

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Cannot shake this "smoke smell" WTH is this?!?!
« on: March 24, 2014, 02:48:46 PM »
In the beginning of the month (March) I posted on here about smelling smoke when my nose is "at rest" - when I'm actively smelling something (candle, cooking, ect), those things smell normal, but when I'm not actively smelling something, just sitting watching TV or online, I smell smoke constantly. It's not a "get a whiff of it for a few seconds" type of thing. And it's not just in the house - I smell it everywhere I go.

So in the beginning of the month I got it for about a week and a half and then experienced a terrible chest cold/flu and I was so congested and mucus-y that it went away.

Well, I've been well for about a week now, and I'm smelling it again - but worse! I have post-nasal drip and I've noticed that I can almost taste the smell in the back of my throat. It gets worse as the day goes on being the worst before bed. At the end of the evening, my eyes also start to burn a little bit, and my throat is tacky. I'm constantly clearing my throat throughout the day.

Honestly - it feels like I've been in a smoky Las Vegas casino all day. Like I'm constantly being exposed to secondhand smoke. Weird!

Now, I'm not freaking out about anything in particular - I just want to know what the heck this is! From what I've read this isn't usually "brain-based" as far as tumors and seizures go. It's probably more olfactory nerve (the nerve that tells your brain to smell and what it smells like) or sinus related. It sounds like allergies, but I've taken over-the-counter Allegra 24hr last night and the night before last and it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas or reassurance?
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Re: Cannot shake this "smoke smell" WTH is this?!?!
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2014, 03:08:00 PM »
I would just go see an ent, and one thing to remember is that scent is the most common sense linked to experiences and memory. I can smell things I've done in the past, I can pick a memory in my head and know exactly what it smells like. When I started taking paxil I laid down about 20 minutes after and smelled like a burning smell which was actually just like my furnace. Everytime I took paxil I got the same smell in my nose, until I didn't think about it anymore. In between that time I wasn't diagnosed with a sinus infection and had a brain mri for something else, but still showed nothing. I get like a chemical smell in my nose sometimes.
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