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Author Topic: Being too sensitive to body changes is what causes your anxiety..story  (Read 322 times)

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Yesterday at around 7pm. I started to feel horrible. Usually, when I get anxiety it lasts a short time and I find crying in a pillow quickly resolves it. However, this time was different. For around 3 hours I sat there, feeling very insane, having constant chills (I took my temperature at least 4 times, no fever) and other weird symptoms, being sure I'm dying. In essence, everything was wrong. No body part felt fine to me. After a few long hours I was completely fine again and actually in a pretty good mood. Watched some YouTube and went to bed.

Today same thing started just about two hours ago. Just the same horrible feeling. Just as I started spiraling down and feeling worse and worse I remembered a commonality between yesterday and today - I ate a huge piece of 70% dark chocolate. I got out of bed and checked how much caffeine was in it. I had consumed the equivalent of an espresso. And I never drink coffee! I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and just 20mg can make me panic... That's when I realized OOOOOOOOOH it's the caffeine. Immediately, 99% of the horrible feeling was gone. What I was left with is just nervousness. Once I knew it was the caffeine I was fine. So, right now I am sitting here feeling very weird (basically how people feel when they have coffee) but yet completely fine. What was creating the horror was me resisting it and creating all sorts of horrible scenarios, because I thought it was an illness. Had I not realized it is the caffeine I probably would again be in the same horror as yesterday and for a good few hours, as caffeine in your system is reduced by half every 8 hours.

Normal people don't pay attention to those body changes. They don't even notice them. This is the same issue that causes weird anxieties after eating/anxiety at certain times of the day/etc. Your body goes through a natural change no normal person would pay attention to, but you take it and amplify it, wondering what it is and attributing it to a condition or a rare disease no one can discover or cure.

What makes the stories your brain is fabricating worse is that you don't even notice them..All of those thoughts are happening so fast and not even going through your mental filter. What you feel is the end result of the thoughts, without even realizing they had happened.. Paying close attention does bring the to the surface though !

So that's it, just wrote this to keep my mind off of the caffeine high, maybe someone would actually read it  :happy0151:

EDIT: Just found that dark chocolate contains ample amounts of theobromine, in addition to the caffeine. From wikipedia: "Theobromine is white or colourless, but commercial samples can be yellowish.[6] It has a similar, but lesser, effect to caffeine in the human nervous system". So, yeah..
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I have caffeine sensitivity it sucks . great story tho :)
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