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Author Topic: Anxiety or ALS/MS  (Read 348 times)

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Anxiety or ALS/MS
« on: March 17, 2014, 05:49:11 PM »
I'm scared I have als. On Tuesday I felt really bad and upset and I've felt terrible (which is weird cause im always happy) until Saturday when I started to feel weakness in my left side. Then the whole of the ledt side of my body including my face felt weak (I could still do everything normally but it just went weak). We called an ambulance and they told me everything was fine. They did some basically neurological and strength tests and said that was normal. Then the next day I woke up and it was fine but then as the day went by the right side had that weakness too. It eventually went away by the end of the day. Today most of my body was fine apart from my left leg which felt a bit tense and weak. Everyone keeps telling me it's anxiety for my exams but I haven't been worried about my exams. My muscles also twitch around my body when I'm resting (especially in my legs). My anal muscles feel a bit weak as well. I've been sound exercised all day to year the strength so now my legs (especially my left) is killing me. I'm just wondering if this is anxiety a real problem. A Google search pointed me in the direction of als. I'm a healthy 19 (female) and I've been freaking out and crying for the past week and I haven't Been able to sleep and I'm starting to lose my apitite because I think I have ALS. I'm going to see a neurologist on Wednesday but the wait is killing me and I can't tell if this is precieved weakness or actual weakness because it felt like I was walking funny today.
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Re: Anxiety or ALS/MS
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2014, 10:33:23 PM »
Your symptoms sound like anxiety.  Your body is probably exhausted from lack of sleep and extreme anxiety. Your muscles are probably tired from not sleeping and starving yourself. When most people say they feel weakness its actually tiredness. Weakness means that muscles cannot physically pick something up like your car keys or a bottle of water. The most common first symptom of ALS is a dropped foot, meaning that your leg can't pick up your foot so it drags while your walking and it doesn't go away. ALS also doesn't switch from one side to the other like that. If you say that you felt weak but you passed a strength test and some neuro tests then odds are that you're fine. Make sure you keep eating and drinking lots of fluids because starving yourself doesn't help anxiety. Also relax by telling yourself that your only 19 and the likelihood of you having either ALS or MS is very thin.
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Re: Anxiety or ALS/MS
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2014, 11:09:59 PM »
By the sounds of it, you are in the exact mental state I was in just over 11 days ago. I had twitching in my arm, googled it, and immediately felt "weakness" in my arm. What I didn't yet know was that the weakness associated with ALS is clinical weakness, meaning you don't feel weak, you are weak. For example, you can't pick up a hair dryer. Or walk on your toes, or turn a door knob. Take it from someone who was in your shoes just says before you! You're fine! We're fine! I'm a 16 year old male. You're a 19 year old female. Forget the fact that ALS is a rare disease in the first place. But to get it at our age, we'd be one of the only cases ever in this age range. Think rationally. You'll be fine. Do not google ALS or anything else, and don't google your symptoms either. Dr. Google will take symptoms of someone who has the common cold and make you believe you have cancer.

Bottom line: your symptoms are not even ALS symptoms. Carry on as you were before you knew about this disease.
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