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Author Topic: worried about everything  (Read 244 times)

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worried about everything
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:18:41 PM »
Hi. So im going a little crazy right now with my constant worry and  I just wanted to vent  :winking0008:. So ivr been dealing with anxiety for many years and for the most part im able to control it. I suffer from health anxiety the most. Im always thinking something is wrong with me. Ive thought I had anyresems,  heart problems, cancers, blood clots, most recently als and muscle dystrophy. Everyone around me knows me as being a hypochondriac and I dont think they take me seriosuly any more because ive been to the doctors do many times and nothing ever comes back serious. Anyways this time its als and muscle dystrophy.  I had a baby 11months ago and recently maybe the past couple months alot of weight has dropped offme where everyone is saying how skinny ive gotten.  Not only am I noticing the weight im noticing my muscles are not as big and I have bones sticking out all over that ive never fwlt or saw before. I was overweight and could never loose weight before being pregnant. My feet and ankles are bum..well there isnt one anymore. I can now feel my bum bones when I hips are gone its forearms are losing muscle my shoulders are now rrally bobey and skinny. My knees are boney also. My calves are smaller and the muscle look different same with my arms and shoulders. Now everyone keeps telling me its because I had a baby and im nursing and I havnet been as active but I just dont feel like thats the case. Ive went to my dr she did bloodwork which came back normal.she checked myreflexes which she said was fine. I forgot to mmention I been feeling weak also. She says its anxiety. Ive been havi ng back pain so she sent me for an xray whixh shows mild scoliosis but she didnt say anything about it just not to worry about it. Dhe said I should deal with the anxiety since thats what we know is there and recomended me to the counceler. Part of me feels like ok its anxiety and the other part says no this time it feels different and something isnt right. Im lost on what to do. Im getting on peoples nerves and im sick of heading to the doctors every two days. Plus I think she isnt taking me seriously anymore lol. So thats my rant.Anyone was or is in the same boat? Thanks for reading my rant. Ive actually haf a few laughs reading people stories. Not laughing at thwm but laughing at the similarities we all have :) makes me feel like im not ao crazy! Sorry for the mistakes im on my phone and my phone sucks.
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