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Author Topic: HELP!! Asymmetrical Breasts - More pics needed and ultrasound??  (Read 338 times)

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I had my yearly mammogram on Monday (I'm 49) and yesterday got a call back saying they needed to take some more pictures and to do an ultrasound on my left breast because they were asymmetrical.  I'm a little worried.  My dr. said asymmetrical breasts are normal and they just want to make sure everything is ok before giving me the clear.  My question has to do with the compression panels they use with the mammogram machines.  This year the tech asked if I had gained any weight (which I had) and decided to use a larger panel.  Would using a larger panel compared to prior years where they used a small one cause the images to look different?  The tech told me they don't like to switch up the panels and had to make notes on my chart.  Could this be the reason my breast didn't look the same as the other? 

When I feel my breasts they feel no difference then they normally do.

I just need some encouragement and "I've been there" to help my anxiety that is making it so I can't sleep or eat.
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