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Author Topic: Unlearn what you've read  (Read 383 times)

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Unlearn what you've read
« on: March 08, 2014, 07:48:16 AM »
How do you unlearn what you've learned from googling?  I'm so miserable and every pain/discomfort I feel in my upper body reminds me of something I've read in the past so I'm practically constantly panicking. I don't google anymore, but the damage was done. I woke up about 15 min ago and have a slight discomfort on my back lower jaw, forearms, and I'm short of breath. So I'm thinking of the story I read about the woman with forearm pain who had a heart attack, and the other woman who said her teeth just felt funny. My husband will be going to work soon and then I'm here alone with my 1 year old and I ReALLY don't want to spend another entire day in constant fear of dying. I tried so hard yesterday and still had a complete breakdown and almost called 911. I had heartburn that radiated into my shoulders and face, and I've read that heartburn doesn't do that, but heart attacks do. It was bad. I can't keep doing that every day that he goes to work.

Back when I used to google I read a LOT of survivor stories to try to convince myself that I wasn't having a heart attack. Unfortunately it did the opposite. I read about a lot of people with vague, a-typical symptoms, which dukes my fear even more. And they're all ingraved in my brain and quickly recalled as soon as I feel anything. Of course now I know that the googling was wrong, but I can't undo the damage I've already done, and I fear that it will keep me from ever getting better.
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Re: Unlearn what you've read
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 08:05:13 AM »
I hear ya!  Same with me!  I already read too much and how do you erase it?
(I know from experience that heartburn can radiate up into your EARS!  Mine does that so bad that it will even make my eyes water!   So I imagine it could be felt in shoulders as well.)

And you are right, you try to make yourself feel better, but it only makes it worse.   Do you ever find GOOD news but then continue to look anyway to make sure it's ALL good news??   

I had a little smooth raised oval patch on my tonsil in July and I kept googling and everything was coming up, "Very common, mucus retention cyst"  I read SO many stories... but day after day I'd still google it.   Then on ONE lone site it said it was that but then added, "however cancer may still be present"  Well that was it, that one sentence kept echoing through my mind constantly!  "Cancer may still be present.... cancer may still be present.... cancer may still be present.... cancer may..."  until I wanted to scream.   In my rational mind I knew it was a mucus retention cyst so I refused to see a doctor, I felt stupid. So I spent from July to mid December (when it resolved on its own) worrying about it - sneaking in the bathroom with a flashlight several times a day, looking at it from all angles making sure it wasn't getting bigger (but of course I was thinking, "What if it's growing from underneath down INTO my tonsil and I don't see it!!"

And what's worse is if I get one again and I KNOW what it is I'll think, Maybe THIS time, "cancer may be present"!  It's crazy!
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Re: Unlearn what you've read
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2014, 08:17:41 AM »
You can't unlearn can only stop Googling and thus stop expanding your "knowledge". And maybe if you stop Googling you will forget over time all the details you have read.
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Re: Unlearn what you've read
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2014, 10:34:55 AM »
Googling, playing internet Dr., self-diagnosing from various websites.....these are a few of the most common counterproductive habits / actions that HA peeps fall back to as, potential, 'comfort' when struggling. Something happens in our HA minds where we feel some sort of 'pull' drawing us back to bad habits even though we KNOW (history and our own experiences and reading about other peeps' experiences tells us) that, ultimately, we are doing harm to our chances of moving down a viable healing path for our anxiety issues. How powerful is anxiety....geez!? We KNOW that googling is a terrible habit, yet many continue to hope that 'this time' I will get that much needed relief I was seeking. That 'this time', I'm going to have that "AHA!" moment. We have proven over sand over and over and over that it just doesn't work this way for an amped up, hyper HA mind. We, simply, cannot put the info we glean from the internet into proper context about our OVERALL health.

We tend to, wholly, dismiss the information that would likely discount our fears and we, overwhelmingly, focus upon and give mighty credence to only the information that MIGHT back up our claims, worries and self-diagnoses.

Our HA minds are so wired towards absorbing info that will 'justify' our worry, that once we read a story about the 19 year old who had colon cancer, it is likely locked in our brains forever. Of course, never mind that this case was a rare form of cancer and that there was some family history, as well. We will discount that information in our hyper minds and we will relate this rare story to our own health and to our future health possibilities. I use the analogy of Pandora's Box. Once opened, the evils were set free into the world...never to be returned back to the box.

Of course, I understand how difficult it is to not google. We just want some relief (some answers, perhaps). What harm is there in it? Well, there have been 3,675 threads on The AZ (don't try to count, I just made up a's prob higher, though:) that have the title, "HELP, I googled and now I'm freaked out!"  So, the proof is there....we know the outcome of this habitual behavior.

All we can try to do is accept that googling our own med stuff is counterproductive and we can attempt to move away from this action. There is NO protection. NONE. To be able to seek out a viable, lasting healing path, we will, eventually, have to cease (or GREATLY curb) this habit. I don't begrudge anyone who is a google queen or king. Hell, I used to do it back in the day....but that was just at the beginning of the internet, really. I sure did have some med books in my possession, though!:) I no longer do research on my own health...and haven't for many years. And, this directly correlates to when I began finding more successes in seeking out a healing path. Sure, there is much more than not googling that we have to embrace, but it is a GREAT place to start:)

Peace and Feel Well:)
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