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Author Topic: Body aches  (Read 469 times)

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Body aches
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:00:43 PM »
Hello all
For about the past 3 months or so I've been experiencing body wide aches and pains, and they aren't really going away so it's starting to worry me. I have intermittent pain through out the day, When I wake up i'm always sore mainly dull aches an pains in back and right chest. After about an hour or so from waking up the pain starts to fade especially during exercise unless I'm doing squats then I get a sharp pain near my left shoulder blade(not to concerned about that it's happens since high school). Once I get home though is when the pain gets worse. It's a sharp sometimes burning pain, and it happens at random times at random locations, but mainly above my elbows, knees, in the lower legs, and in the fingers it sometimes is in the joints it seems an other times it isn't. The pain last anywhere from 30sec's to a half hour on average(one time it lasted an hour) The pain usually only effects one part of my body at a time, and is never in the same place twice in a row, it happens on both side's but seems to mainly effect the right side.
I'm hoping it's just anxiety and fibromyalgia but i'm concerned about: 1) Lupus 2) Rheumatoid Arthritis 3) Lymphoma, the only reason being that I have a few palpable lymph nodes in my neck
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