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Author Topic: Help, Advice please... New Psych?  (Read 191 times)

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Help, Advice please... New Psych?
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:57:21 AM »
Hi Guys,
I am new here and need advice. I am sorry its long but I wanted to give background information

I have been suffering with what I assumed was depression for about 10 years now. I started seeing a psych doctor about a year ago, who diagnosed me with anxiety/depression. He put me on prozac and vistaril prn. I gave the prozac 6 months and felt pretty much nothing. the vistaril did nothing as well. I like the doctor a lot, however he does not prescribe benzos at all, and is an hour away.

I started seeing a therapist, who I really like, and she has been teaching me coping strategies. I explained how my psych doctor wanted to try Wellbutrin next. She stated that based on her experience, that won't help with the anxiety I have. She said she sees it as GAD, some specific phobias and social anxiety all together. She suggested a psych doctor who she used to work with who is local for a 2nd opinion.

He stated he thinks Wellbutrin in a smaller dose would be good, as well as Xanax prn. I went back to the therapist and told her I didn't really feel like he was listening to me. She said "if you give me permission ill give him a call so he has a better idea of whats going on" I said OK and did not start the Wellbutrin and used maybe 5 Xanax that month.

So yesterday I went back for my 2nd appointment.
He started it with "So, Darlene called me and said she was concerned about your psychotic symptoms" I was like "what???" He is like "possible schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms." I was like "we never discussed anything of that sort. She said she thinks its multiple anxiety problems, I have never had a psychotic episode, or symptoms of schizophrenia" He said, "well, do you think you need to be on an anti - psychotic?" I said "no, not at all." I said I just panic, over small things that other people would let slide. He asked for an example.

I stated "Well, before going to work the other day, I could not find my name badge. I use the badge to get in the building.I need the badge to pull narcotics. Without it, I have to wait for others to let me into all the rooms and drawers and it slows me down a lot. I started freaking out, heart racing, running around the house like a crazy man looking for it. I panicked and kept saying I knew something was going to happen to ruin my night"

His response? "Well you know, you need to not think like that. You survived the night. It sounds like carelessness. You need to keep better track of your badge"

I explained it wasn't about the badge, if any small thing happens before work I panic thinking its going to ruin my night, or throw my shift off.

He then stated "You're a nurse, you should be on Benzos" I said "You suggested them last time, and thats the first time in my life I took them"

He then basically blew that off, and then diagnosed me with not Schizophrenia, but OCD. wrote me a script for Ananafril and Xanax prn.

I don't know what to think. I don't know if I am sensitive or if he is a jerk. I like my therapist and like the idea of her working with my psych doctor. And she thinks highly of him, but I think he's out of touch. Id prefer to never see him again.

Advice please!
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Re: Help, Advice please... New Psych?
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2014, 11:50:39 AM »
He is a jerk!  The first doc I went to when I finally decided to consider meds for my GAD was similar.  She was condescending and seemed in a hurry to get me out of the office, not listen to my issues.  She prescribed Wellbutrin and it was a total nightmare for me.  (I am very high energy and not depressed at all and the wellbutrin made me so manic I could barely sit still.)  I switched docs and my new doc is awesome!  He listened to me and treated me like a person even though I was stalking around his office like a caged animal.  He took me off Wellbutrin and put me on Zoloft with a side order of Xanax to help with any start up anxiety.  Three weeks later I finally felt "normal" for the first time in years!

Bottom line is this:  You do not seem to have ANY psychotic symptoms.  This doc seems like an unfeeling, condescending a$$hole.  Time to find a new doc.

Good luck and hang in there!
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