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Author Topic: constant anxiety physical symptoms after barfing saturday night from drinking  (Read 307 times)

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near constant since i puked my brains out saturday night from taking shots of whiskey and drinking beer on an empty stomach.... from 6-1030 pm. then puked up NOTHING and bile. since then i have had extreme wierd feelings and sensations in my head, body, legs, arms, stomach has felt bloated in weird spots and i have been nauseous. but i have been hyper aware of every sensation, and i have been on edge of panic everyday since saturday night and it is impossible for me to relax. can that linger for a few days after a night like saturday night?
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Offline Lara71

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Sounds like anxiety mixed with the motions your body goes through puking. Drink lots of water and remember

Liquor before beer never fear
Beer before liquor never sicker.
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I'm always getting this for a couple of days after a night out,
Don't worry it will pass mine takes a while to x
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It's the alcohol causing the anxiety. Google "anxiety after drinking alcohol". It's the mild withdrawal that's causing extreme anxiety. All alcoholics have it when they stop drinking, there are countless threads on alcoholics forums and whatnot. It can also happen after a binge. Really sucks and can last for days after.  In Ireland they call it "The Fear". After a huge binge (15+ ounces of hard liquor) it can be horrifyingly extreme to the point where you think you are dying, but will pass.
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