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Author Topic: Anyone else ever tried Binaural beat music or subliminal music for anxiety?  (Read 338 times)

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Ok, so almost 2 months I was looking for relaxing meditative music on YouTube to calm my nerves n help me sleep. That's when I stumbled upon Binuaral beats music. Turns out there are tons of this type of "beats", also something called isochronic tones (i think they are similiar) and subliminal music. There are several made for SA and GA, depression, postive thinking, etc. So I started listening to different ones. At first I chose beats that also played softer music, or rain, water, etc. to cover up the noise. Honestly its quite hard to listen without something else playing, but after a while I got used to just beats as well.

What I've found is no less than amazing!! After the first night of sleeping through a subliminal hypnosis one made for SA, I woke up feeling better in the morning. It even lasted into the day some. I'm very skeptical by nature, so I had to try more of these vids, and more often. Sure enough every day I started feeling better and better, I could feel my anxiety washing away, layer by layer! I can honestly say I feel Sooo much better lately, and I wake up smiling every morning now!

So I wonder if anyone else has ever tried any of these vids before? From what I can tell on Youtube alot of ppl are saying they feel it working for them too! Of course this was not without some trial and error. Some of these vids did not work as good as others, and a few even made me feel dizzy like, especially at first. But by now I have a few favorites, and every now and then I try a new one to see how it feels.

I really dont know a whole lot on wat these beats are but I do know they are working wonders for me. If anyone knows anything on how they work I would love to know. Thanx  :happy0158:
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