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Author Topic: Diabetes or Anxiety  (Read 318 times)

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Diabetes or Anxiety
« on: February 25, 2014, 05:08:59 PM »
going to try and keep this short, i'm 18 and i've had constant anxiety for months, two days ago i felt cold all the time no matter if it was morning, noon or night i was cold i was also feeling nauseous and had headaches, it could have been anxiety, me not eating allot or both. i figured out the chill feeling was in my mind as i noticed when i didint pay attention to it, it went away. yesterday i was extremely anxious because i thought i had swelling in the palm of my hand ( i have a fear of kidney disease) but my mom, whos a nurse told me she didnt see any swelling and if it was it would have hurt when she pressed on it. last night i had constant urination basically every 5 minutes ( i was still extremely anxious), i tired to convince myself it was anxiety and today i woke up feeling allot better, but today i have dry throat which seems to go away when i drink water. again i only noticed this when i got very anxious, there is no more cold feeling nausea, headache or frequent urination and my urine has been clear all day so i dont understand the feeling to drink water all the time, my urine has also been foamy the past week ( not extreme not noticeable) i had blood test done a month ago and everything came back normal except for iron defiency anemia, which i have been taking supplements for....could this all be just in my head or is it really diabetes. TBH i havent eating loads of sugar in the past week, infact i have been barely eating due to anxiety. some help would be nice :) 
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Re: Diabetes or Anxiety
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2014, 09:59:32 PM »
I get frequent urination and chills when I'm anxious. But next time you're at your doctor check your thyroid.
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