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Author Topic: so many swollen lymph nodes, please help me i'm scared  (Read 481 times)

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so many swollen lymph nodes, please help me i'm scared
« on: February 19, 2014, 11:10:01 PM »
I've had a swollen lymph node on the back of my neck since August it's big enough that the doctor is "watching it" though it hasn't grown or shrunk and isn't painful, well recently I found what seem to be two more swollen lymph nodes--behind each ear, there are these flat, moveable lumps, small like the size of a flattened pea.

Just now, I've found ANOTHER definite lump... right in front of my right ear, upper area where the cheekbone meets the ear. It's not painful. It's small, like the size of a pencil eraser. I checked, and there is nothing on the other side.

What is this? Why are these lumps there? Is this an aggressively moving cancer?? I just don't understand.
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Re: so many swollen lymph nodes, please help me i'm scared
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2014, 02:24:47 AM »
Sometimes when the bodes swell, they never go down again.  Most if us have some persistent nodes, some more than others. Nodes in front of the ear usually swell if you have eye infections.  I had an eye infection i january and the node in front if my ear got really big.  It still hasnt gone completly down and probably it never will.  It might be like that from a eye infection or a nasty cold you had years and years ago...
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