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Author Topic: Agoraphobia, Emetophobia, Panic Attacks. OH MY!  (Read 467 times)

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Agoraphobia, Emetophobia, Panic Attacks. OH MY!
« on: February 10, 2014, 10:23:44 AM »
Hello, first poster here with years of not living life to the fullest, always being anxious, and thinking I'm going crazy  :spineyes:

I suffer from Agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces) and Emetophobia (the fear of vomiting). I am a 27 year old female that has been dealing with this since I was about 9 years old, among other things. Anytime I leave the house to go somewhere new, I panic. If I have been somewhere many times, somewhere that's in my comfort zone, I won't panic as much but it still happens occasionally. But if it's a new place, I always make an excuse why I can't go do it, or postpone it for a different day, and I just scare myself silly. I can't go to the mall, a grocery store, the State Fair, or even a concert because I panic the whole time. It's making me miss out on so much that life has to offer. I go out to eat at a restaurant with my fiance, we always have to order "to go" and eat it at home. I can't sit in a packed movie theater or my "flight or fight" response kicks in. Basically, I won't feel better until I flee from the situation. When driving, I have to be the only one in the car. If anyone is in the car with me, or if I am a passenger in someone else's car, I panic easily because I am not "in control." It even took 2 1/2 years for me and my fiance to ride together in the same car, and we've been together for 5.

Emetophobia is also a fear that I have, where I avoid sick people at all costs. I can't be around someone vomiting or that triggers a panic of "oh my God I'm going to vomit too!" If I am working with someone who is sick, I am sanitizing like crazy trying to avoid it. I am always asking the sick person questions so I know how sick they are, if its contagious and how hard I need to sanitize to avoid what they have.

I have tried everything under the sun in the medication department regarding my anxiety and they either have bad side effects or make my anxiety worse. I have done Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, seen a psychiatrist/psychologist, hypnosis, I've done the Midwest Anxiety Center's anti-anxiety kit that they advertised on TV. Nothing has worked. I do breathing exercises when they get really bad, but even those don't help so much. It has gotten to the point to where my own family doesn't ask me to go on vacation with them anymore. I have missed out on cabin visits, trips to Mexico and Florida, and cruise ship vacations. What upsets me more is that they sit in front of me and talk about it.

Me and my fiance have gone on trips before and we always say that we are going to sight see and go out to eat, but the end result is us staying in the hotel and barely seeing anything we wanted to. All because of me. We have wasted so much money on trips. He is very understanding and doesn't want to push me out of my comfort zone unless I am willing to do it, and sometimes I am with a great end result. My point for this, is that I am at the end of my rope here. I would like to have a somewhat normal life and be able to travel, get over my fears (or at least subside them greatly), and have a great experience with my life. I welcome any advice and comments, and would like to know if others out there have been in my shoes and can offer assistance.

Thank you for reading  :bigsmile:

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Re: Agoraphobia, Emetophobia, Panic Attacks. OH MY!
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 05:41:02 AM »
I am agoraphobic and Emetaphobic as well. So I hear you loud and clear. You know you may think you waste money on trips. But let me tell you that not a lot of agoraphobics would even think of going on these trips. So you still do well enough considering what you have. Maybe try out a few things closer to home. Visit a few places. Places you know you can leave if you have to. That home is not too far away. Be it a local zoo or just anywhere you know there will be other people. Nothing saying you have to stay for hours. More just to experience the feelings been there might bring on. Then we don't do the obvious when these feelings come on. We don't run. We use what we learned. To show ourselves that we can control a panic attack. I had a doctor who made me hyperventilate on purpose. To show me how to calm down again. Once you learn these things you find that you can take on your panic attacks. Most people just want to run away from them. That will never solve anything at all. I had spent 10 years in the house. These days I am out and about daily. On buses and on trains. Things I used to really fear. Simply by putting myself out there and staying out there. Doing small bits at a time. Building it up over time. Once you learn to believe in yourself you can do anything.
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