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Author Topic: First major panic attack 3 yes ago, now big time nocturnal panic  (Read 480 times)

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3 years ago I had my first full blown panic attack in a hotel room by myself. I can't shake that event as it involved me being out of town, no family, and an ambulance ride to the ER.

I felt like my airway was closed, I splashed water on my face, paced around - body was shaking, chest tight. I just couldn't calm myself and establish regular breathing. I thought I was having a heart attack. 

Now anytime I have to stay in a hotel it happens, varying degrees, but never quite as bad as the first. Sometimes breathing stops it before it gets too bad, other times bad spasms/ shaking, labored breathing and a feeling of needing help and being alone and not being able to get it.

I've had a full heart workup, over the last 2 yes I've had:
2 stress tests, "nothing to write home about" extra beats
Multiple ekg's
Blood work
Chest xrays
Holter monitor

Everything good, slightly overweight but in good cardio shape

Have Gerd and a Hiatal Hernia

Logic tells me nothing is medically wrong as this only happens alone in a hotel room, I do have general anxiety outside. But when my body physically wakes me up out of a dead sleep 1-2 hrs after falling asleep its hard to apply logic.
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