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Author Topic: Does your anxiety get worse when you're sick?  (Read 442 times)

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Does your anxiety get worse when you're sick?
« on: February 08, 2014, 09:06:21 AM »
Mine sure does. It drags up all the worst feelings, and every little thing about it feels dreadful. Not into full blown panic, but a constant worry over things I'd normally ignore. So yeah... anyone else get worse anxiety when you're sick, even with someting like a cold or flu?
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Re: Does your anxiety get worse when you're sick?
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 10:41:10 AM »

I could see this being a standard reaction. . . . when you are sick, all your body hurts, all its resources are being brought to fight the infection, then, if you're anything like me, every ache and pain becomes massive, etc. and that feeds anxiety and so it gets into a bit of a cycle . . .I just got over flu which after 4 days morphed into a sinus infection and I just wanted it to be over so I knew that it was cold and flu . . . .there was no point in going to my doctor because I knew that it really was flu and cold . . .the symptoms did not escalate beyond the first 48 hours and then they started to decline and the sinus infection lasted for about 48 hours and then it started to drain so I knew that it was my anxiety feeding into me thinking that I had bubonic plague  . . .

In any case, my doctor told me the following which may or may not help: if the symptoms quickly escalate to the point of becoming debilitating (i.e. fever of 102 F), then get to the doc or ER; if not, wait for 48-72 hours and if the symptoms do not get worse and start to get better, then you are recovering. If, however, you feel worse or you have symptoms atypical of flu or cold like a rash, etc., then seek medical advice. My doctor does not want to discourage me from coming to see him, but as he says, his office probably has more germs than I actually have . . . . but, and he always ends with this, if I am getting overly anxious or the anxiety is escalating how I perceive my symptoms, then I should come and see him. From his perspective, it is easier for me to be reassured, go home and rest and recover, than to have me pacing for a week, getting no sleep and probably making my symptoms worse . . .

But to answer your question, yep, being sick does add to my anxiety although I have stopped taking my temperature every 30 minutes like I used to do in the "old days" . . . . check in and let us know how you are doing, okay? Take care, kc
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