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Author Topic: IBS/H. Pylori and Symptoms!!  (Read 780 times)

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IBS/H. Pylori and Symptoms!!
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:03:09 PM »
I apologize for this long-winded background. I was diagnosed with H.Pylori in my late 20s, started the antibiotics and never finished them because they made me sick. Was also diagnosed with IBS around that time. Fast forward to now (51) and was given iron supplements for anemia. Had a fecal occult blood test that was negative.  The iron supplements gave me TERRIBLE stomach pain and I had to quit taking them.  I thought that I may have developed an ulcer. I asked the GP to test me again for H. Pylori and it was positive.

I just finished one week of the triple therapy and I actually have felt sicker now that I'm off the meds! I didn't have any trouble while taking the drugs but now, I have been feeling a mild nausea every day. As well, I have have had a very strange feeling in area just below my ribcage on the left side. It's very hard to describe but it feels like pressure or like there is a bubble inside. Sometimes, I feel it quiver or pulsate. I have been so concerned about what is going on in there. My GP seems to always blame my issues on IBS.

My question is, has anyone on this forum been through H. Pylori therapy and what was the aftermath of being on the antibiotics? How did you feel afterward? Does anyone identify with the feeling of the "bubble" or "stitch" on the left side?

Any comments would be much appreciated.
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