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Author Topic: I have to pass the exam but I don't know how to.  (Read 304 times)

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I have to pass the exam but I don't know how to.
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:27:30 AM »
Hello everyone, I'm new here and nice to meet you.

I have been suffering from GAD, a minor panic disorder and depression for 7-8 years.

Sorry if you have any problem reading this because of my poor English.

I have to pass the national bar exam after 16 days.

Actually I've studied pretty hard for a year.

But When the exam is within 1 month, I just cannot study anymore.

I cannot concentrate, and I am just headed to surfing internet like now. It's just irresistible.

I'm just killing time by crying or surfing the internet, still extremely nervous.

This situation take place annually, and I failed my bar exam for three times because of this.


recently my doctor left the country for academic reason

and my new doctor don't prescribe me benzos.

He wants me to deal without it.

It makes me harder to study.

What should I do?

First, I should stop using internet and go back for studying

but then I will find something different rather than studying (e.g. crying, reading irrelevant books, worrying, sleeping.....)

Maybe I'm too stressed out to study

because when there is no exam for a while, I can rather study pretty hard.

How should I reduce my stress and stay calm?

Anyway, thank you for reading this and sorry because this was too long.

Have a nice day :)

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Re: I have to pass the exam but I don't know how to.
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2014, 07:38:03 AM »

Your English is just fine and welcome to the group . . .

Whenever a person has a big event coming up in his or life life, there is anticipatory anxiety. For those of us with anxiety already, including myself, this anticipatory anxiety increases the everyday anxiety.

Having said that, here are the facts that I see in what you are telling us:

1.  you have studied hard for a year to prepare . . . that is great because many leave it to the last minute.

2.  you are having a difficult time focusing . . . .that is not unusual but you probably need some strategies to overcome it . . . for example, identify one or two concepts to review . . . then set aside one hour, first thing in the morning and review those two concepts . . . focus, don't merely look at pages . . .if necessary, read it out loud . . . then take 15 minutes to do something that is not studying like going for a 15 minute walk, cleaning some part of your home, tidying up a drawer in your bedroom . . . .something that is active and not on the internet . . . then identify one or two other concepts to review . . . review them over the hour and then another 15 minute break . . . . look at studying in 6 chunks of 1 hour each . . . .if you really really really need to play on the Internet, limit yourself to no more than 15 minutes and only after you have done your studying . . . but turn off the internet at least 1 hour before getting ready for bed . . .

3.  you also need to practice techniques for a good night's sleep . . . before going to bed, take 5 minutes to list your anxieties and then that is it . . . turn out the lights and use mindfulness to clear your mind and focus on something extremely pleasant for you . . . .I sometimes focus on a time when I was having fun . . . . it may take effort to keep the focus but it does get easier . . .

4.  you need to eat . . . sometimes when we are anxious, we tend to eat junk food . . . . things that are fried or very fat, etc. Your body needs to remain well nourished . . .

5.  you need to exercise . . . the 15 minute walks are good, but every couple of days, go for a walk that is about 45 minutes long and practice mindfulness . . . focus on the walking and not on anything else . . .

6.  if you have been on benzos and now your new doc won't prescribe them, chat with your doctor because not using benzos after you have been using them can produce anxiety and, although I am not a doctor, this is not the right time to stop benzos cold turkey . . .perhaps you can negotiate with your doctor to stop gradually after you have written the exam . . . .

7.  if you have a close friend, ask him or her if you can call them just one a day for a 15 minute chat when you are feeling particularly anxious or perhaps if you could meet for a quick cup of coffee once or twice a week . . . . .

There is no one rule fits all . . . you need to find what works for you . . . but the more you surf the net, I suspect the greater your anxiety might become . . . .so start now with something to break the pattern of behaviour that you are developing . . . .

And, have confidence that you are strong and will be able to accomplish your goals . . .I don't know if this helps, but know that you can come to this forum any time and let us know how things are going for you . . .we are a very welcoming community and it does not matter how long your postings are because sometimes that helps us to identify our triggers for anxiety . . . .take care, kc
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Re: I have to pass the exam but I don't know how to.
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2014, 08:25:41 AM »
Beautiful post. I remember trying to study for finals and comprehensive exams. Staying up all night. Awful.

The best thing is to blank out the exam, study in parts, take breaks, and above all, be sure to be well rested before the test. Be confident. And praise yourself for your efforts, your discipline, and I can also add.....your fine English. Wishing you all the best.
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