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Author Topic: Need to vent  (Read 238 times)

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Need to vent
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:31:50 AM »
As some of you may know i have some issues with asymmetric tonsils lately and a slight pain/discomfort on the right side, the side where the larger tonsils is situated along with small up to 0.5cm lymph nodes, one on each side of the neck. All of this kinda started after i had tonsillitis in october last year, i mean i was aware that my right tonsil is larger since august when i had a minor throat ache but it didn't bother me too much cos i was born with enlarged tonsils and had quite a few infections as a kid however in the last 10 years i havent had a single tonsillitis until the one in october. Since then i have this really annoying mild pain on the right side when i swallow. Now, so far i've seen 3 ENTs, at two different hospitals and they all said they are 100% certain its not a malignancy, however this morning i went to my ENT (the one i kinda decided to stick with, real nice guy, and he put some camera down my nose and checked my lymph nodes and said that it all feels and looks fine BUT he made me an appointment with the 4th doctor, the only one i haven't seen yet in the hospital and funny enough thats the one that specializes in ENT oncology. I asked immediately of course, well if you think its nothing why are you sending me to this person and he said basically that he is doing it in order to provide me with the best reassurance possible, so that i can finally go on with my life, short off a biopsy but he said that he is almost certain of what the other doctor will say and if indeed he too says its nothing i have to let it go regardless the pain i may or may not feel. I'm kinda freaking out that he thinks i got cancer but just won't tell me... no surprise there.. hate hypochondria
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Re: Need to vent
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 06:21:40 AM »
This is how WE HA sufferers are, we will hang onto the one that is 99.9% sure it isn't a malignancy rather than the 2 that are 100% sure - and a doctor will rarely if EVER say 100%!  So going by that I would say you do NOT have cancer!  At that point I wouldn't have even gone to that third doctor.  (personally I stay away from doctors, I'm petrified, so I try to google and hang onto the  RARE DISEASE I could have rather than a pulled muscle or menopause...)  The word "rational" is not in our vocabulary unfortunately.
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