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Author Topic: CFS/Fibro/ extreme burnout?: 30 y/o male/ internal Stress Barrior "Feels Broken"  (Read 782 times)

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Hey everyone I'm new here 30 y/o male. Last year or so I've been feeling completely burnt out with synthoms like all three,  which I believe are elements of the last 4 years of my life being stressful and I wonder if it's burnout/CFS/Fibro or even MS. To try to keep it short I lost 4 years ago a job I loved because of the economy in the TV field, and everything like a domino effect kept going downhill. I had to sell my place, move in with my parents, every freelance job in the field ended up in me being laid off, and financially nothing has been stable to allow me to move forward in my life. Then I was in a head on car crash with a driver who had no license. Thank god for onstar and being able to walk away from the car without any injuries but just being sore. The cop was younger and failed to file everything right and to keep it short was a big legal mess for months on end. So now I've come to terms with everything, and accepted that I have to move on into a new work field etc., and continue to move forward with my life.

But over a year now, I've been having weird synthoms which come and go, but mostly seem stress related exhaustion. What is crazy about it all is that it feels like my former high tolerance for stress has been broken to a degree where I'm going the other way, is what it feels like. My jobs have always been crazy hours, and high stress directing live newscasts, which I could handle very well. Matter of fact up until now it's been one of my best assets is being able to handle stressful situations, you know to be prepared to not be prepared in changing situations. It just stumps me because I feel like I'm in a good place mentally, but physically I feel beyond worn out.  I often wonder if the car crash did have a physical effect of possibly triggering one of these three mixed in with four years of  high stress like a light switch.  My symptoms have been randomly:

My back randomly went out just getting out of bed one morning and I'm in good shape/it never happened again
itching limbs/skin with no rash/cause
body always sore even days i don't go to gym
Days I sleep in I sleep forever and lately once a week I need to sleep a whole day it seems to recharge & that doesn't even seem to work
It feels like arthritis all over my body, and mornings I feel like a robot
insomnia from work still
limbs go numb quickly
tension in my chest  towards later in the day before bed when I'm tired

When I've talked to friends about it they just say I'm burnt out and stressed. I've been making the changes needed and have a plan to move my career and life forward which I feel confident in. Maybe  I'm over thinking it and just beyond burnt out and don't even see it. Well thanks for listening everyone

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