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Author Topic: Panic attack, college, and palpitations  (Read 314 times)

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Panic attack, college, and palpitations
« on: February 03, 2014, 03:52:38 PM »
       So two nights ago me and my friends smoked some weed then drank. I only had a few beers and two shots. We were having a good time until one of my friends started throwing up. I had to wait with him in the bathroom stalls for a few hours so he could throw everything up. This made me scared and nervous and slightly nausea because I thought he wasn't going to be ok. After I let him sleep on my floor and gave him a pillow and blanket. I went to bed anxious. I woke up and still felt anxiety but I was a bit better. My friend was ok and he went home.
        I decided to stay in bed for a few hours and relax watching Netflix because I had a hangover. After two hours or so I moved over and stood slightly up and felt my left arm was tingling all over. I began freaking out because I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to my colleges nurses office but that was closed which scared me even more and began getting slight tunnel vision and lightheaded. I thought I was going to fall and die in the street. Then I went to the RA of my floor and told him I wanted to go to the ER. He called security and they came up and took my name and while they were about to bring me to the ER my RA told me it wasn't necessary because my mom called and said I was just having a panic attack. I was angry and scared because now I believed I was fucked.
           I sat in my room and my roommate had me take my dose of Prozac which I hadn't taken in months because I thought I was feeling better. Then I took a .5 mg thing of klonopin. I was sitting in my bed trying to relax. The tingling in my arms weren't as bad now but were still there. My roommate and I went to get pizza and in the way back to my dorm I ran into my mom, I live about 35 mins from campus. I talked to her and we decided to have me come home for the weekend. I came home, had another pizza, then laid in bed researching heart attacks, panic attacks, and klonopin. I felt tired and drowsy from the klonopin which freaked me out. I eventually went to bed. I woke up, had the tingling sensation in my arms but when I got up they went away.
           I am currently lying on the couch next to my father, very scared. I play ed ping pong with him and felt a bit better after taking a walk with my dad. Watched the Super Bowl and felt better. But when I had to go to bed I felt scared and anxious again, afraid I'd die in my sleep. While I was trying to sleep it felt like I had a lump in my throat that scared me. Now today, I got up anxious and my parents scheduled me to go to the doctors. I went, they took my pulse and said it was good, did a EKG on me and said my heart was good, and took my blood. Everything checked out and they said it was because of these previous events that I'm having a panic attack. I felt woozy and nauseous after they took blood but I felt better after a bit. After I felt relieved and normal slightly again. Now I'm back home, scared a about my anxiety symptoms again and I'm afraid I won't be able to attend college and dorm anymore. I'm so sad and scared. I want to go back to my normal life. Its only been two days since I've been on the prozac again and I want to feel better so I don't have to miss college. I want someone to talk to reddit. I'm so sad. I want to be able to go back to school Tuesday and have a normal non freaked life. Oh by the way I was diagnosed with OCD and panic attacks in the 5th grade. I used to take Prozac and klonopin but stopped half way through the first semester of college. This is the first major attack I e had in awhile.
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Re: Panic attack, college, and palpitations
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 02:10:38 AM »
It sounds like you've hAd a rough couple of days. I understand how you feel and your worries about dying in your sleep. First off I would stay away from the weed and alcohol Bc it can make your anxiety actually worse. Just focus on school and your future. Let the medicine kick in :). This site is amazing and you will feel so much better after you find out your not alone
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