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Author Topic: on going chest pain, maybe Costochondritis??  (Read 649 times)

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on going chest pain, maybe Costochondritis??
« on: January 31, 2014, 11:51:10 AM »
i ve had this around 16/18 months i ve had ecgs and bloodwork all normal. i do suffer health anxiety pretty bad but ive not that when i move a certain way like if i sit on the edge of the bed on put my arms behind my back on lower down towards the bed i feel a pulling pain in the middle of my chest and when i stand up if i put my arms out to stretch open my chest it all feels tight and i feel it pulling back to where it should be. or if i i put my arms on either side of my kitchen counter and lower my self to the floor i feel the same thing its like when i put any tension or try to support my weight i feel a tightness in my chest and i have to stretch it open for it to go back in place. i have been refereed to physio and i ve seen them twice and there getting me to address my posture as i always sit and walk leaning foward i am going to bring this up to them at my next session in feb but just looking for comments from people who have Costochondritis and see if my case sounds similar.
thanks :-)
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Re: on going chest pain, maybe Costochondritis??
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2014, 11:53:36 AM »
I had the SAME exact chest pain for many years. It never bothered me when inhaling deeply, so I tried to reassure myself that excluded anything heart related. 2 years later, I finally went to a doctor and was told it was costochondritis. Costochondritis usually affects the areas right around your breast bone (in the middle, so it mimics heart problems). I tried taking NSAIDS but haven't found much relief. I've been practicing keeping my worrying to a minimum because I have noticed that is when my pain is most severe! If your pain is accompanied by movement, costochondritis is often the case! 
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Re: on going chest pain, maybe Costochondritis??
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2014, 01:53:55 PM »
I actually just created a new post about this exact topic. 

A doctor diagnosed me last January with costochondritis.  However, I'm second guessing it because whenever I read the symptoms that people have, it's not exactly what I'm experiencing.  I've read that they have pain when they move, cough, sneeze, etc.  That's not my case.  I just get this pain pinpointed right on the left side of the middle of my chest.  I can push on the spot and feel that same aching pain.  The doctor told me that since I can reproduce the pain by touch, it's not heart related.  You know I still worry. ;(

I have had mild episodes here and there over the past year but just last night I had a doozy.  It was so strong and just a nauseating pain.  I finally took an Aleve, put a heating pad on my upper back and within 15 minutes it let up.  Unfortunately, I was going all night dealing with three kids and bedtimes and that made things tough.  But, when I finally could be alone and relax, it helped. 

I slept well and this morning it is back mildly, though.  My arm, however, is so sore as if the muscles are weak or just worn out.  Weird.

Not trying to take over your thread but just wanted to let you know what I'm experiencing.  Do you ever get arm pain or neck pain when your chest pain is happening?

From what you've described, it sounds a lot like costochondritis. 
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Re: on going chest pain, maybe Costochondritis??
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2014, 02:47:40 PM »
I can relate in a big way.  I've had an ongoing heart attack feeling for 20 months.  You name the heart symptom, I've probably had it, and 20 months of feeling like you're going to die any second is just too much to take.  I've had 3 or 4 EKG's, 3 or 4 blood draws looking for cardiac enzymes.  I've worn a 30 day event monitor, nothing ever comes back bad (which is great!).  I've also had 3 MRI's of my spine and a couple CT scans, along with other tests that never turn up any reason why I'm suffering.

So I'm left with horrible, debilitating pain.  I've gone to physical therapy (30 times) and chiropractic (about 15 times), which has been the only thing keeping me out of the loony bin trying to cope with pain.  My pain will wrap around from the front of my chest to a spot on my spine.  I use a hard foam roller at home to keep my vertebrae loose and moving.  It will hurt when they lock up, which makes them lock up even more, and hurt more, like a downward spiral of insanity.  Today has been particularly bad, but I'm plugging along.  So, I can totally relate.

What to do from here?  Try doing what I do.  I try to focus on the fact that 1. I'm not dead after twenty months of a heart attack.  2.  I've had so many tests, I'm way better off than the average person walking around with no idea of their heart-health, which leads me to point 3. Believe the tests!!  As someone that struggles with HA, you need to believe the tests.  No test will ever give you the peace you seek if you constantly get into a cycle of "what if they missed something."  Believe me, I know as well as anyone that pain can really mess with your mind, and it's hard to do.  But it can be done.
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