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Offline brady

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« on: January 26, 2014, 01:34:43 AM »

My name is brady. Im 26 years old and i have suffered with anxiety for as long as i can remember. I have been reading lots latley about anxiety and found this site so i figured i would join in hopes finding different ways/techniques as well as learn a little bit more about anxiety. I beleive i suffer from general anxiety, as well as social anxiety. Sometimes it gets so bad that i build a scenario up in my head and i end up puking. I cant go out to busy public places withouy panicing. Im a wreck! Its hard to explain, but i feel like im stuck in my own head, screaming to get out bouncing off the walls. I get stressed out and over think everything. I worry about everything. I dont know, im just always uncomfortable, my head is always racing with thoughts, things that dont matter but i worry about them so much, i see friends around me enjoying life and too worried to get up and try new things. I hate change... im worried my daughter will end up like me, no one should have to have this constant worry or feel uncomfortable or out of place like this.  I really dont even know where to start.. i thought about seeing a  counsellor but even that worries me, i think i can do it but when it comes down to it, i back out because of worry.

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Re: hi
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2014, 02:57:02 AM »
Hi Brady,

Welcome to the forum.  It is great to have you as a member.  This is a wonderful place to get advice and support from people going through similar situations.  The members here are very helpful. It is nice to know we are not alone.

Feel free to explore the forum.  There are lots of useful topics to read.  Feel free to post and ask questions.  If you have specific concerns or questions start a topic in the appropriate section to get the best feedback. There is also a chat room for members 18 years and older that you can access once you have made three meaningful posts in the forum. 

What you describe for your anxiety and panic sound very familiar.  It is very much the feeling of being trapped in your own head with your thoughts keeping you in that constant heightened state of anxiety.  I have dealt with that for many years.  I also know the fear of passing this to your child.  I have a son and I constantly fear that he will learn this from me.  The thought breaks my heart honestly because like you I want so much better than this for my child.  I would highly recommend seeing a therapist.  I do and it helps me to learn ways to cope with the anxiety and I also discuss how to help prevent this becoming an issue for my son.  I hope you can also find some help and support here.  Feel free to ask me questions as well. 

Again welcome to our community.
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