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Author Topic: labyrinthitis  (Read 325 times)

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« on: January 23, 2014, 10:08:31 AM »
34 year old male.  First time poster.  On week four of labyrinthitis

Friday December 27 Ė First vertigo attack that lasted around 30 minutes.  It felt like the room was moving from right to left and doing that over and over again.  I walked to the bathroom holding on to the wall to splash water on my face.  I had total consciousness.  I mean I remember everything.  I threw up everything.  I drove home after attack.  Took a little nap.  Tried to eat dinner and couldnít.  Anxious about what happened. 
Monday December 30 Ė Went to visit GP.  He diagnosed me with labyrinthitis.  I was also feeling very anxious and my pulse was at 140.  He really blew off the labyrinthitis.  He was more concerned on why I was nervous.  He told me to follow up if my pulse was continuously high. 
January 1-12 - Slowly but surely started to feel a little better.  I was not really eating a lot, but started to get my appetite back.   Blood work finally came back normal.  Very nervous about that.
January 13 - I was driving the kidís home from the gym when I got a half second panic attack.  Iíve never experienced one so maybe it was something else.  But it felt weird.  Like I said only lasted a half a second so itís hard to describe it.  But I became very anxious and nervous about what it was.   
January 14-16. - I had a good couple of days.  Almost returning to normal.  But, I had started to notice that maybe I was losing a couple of pounds. 
January 17 - I started thinking more and more about losing weight, which immediately sent me into panic mode.  I raced to my momís house got on the scale and my weight was somewhere in the normal range.  A little light, but I felt better.  Started talking to my mom about all my problems and told her my pulse was high when I visited the GP.  She suggested that we take my Blood Pressure.  I immediately started to get that nervous feeling in my stomach.  Blood pressure was 140/80.  Which is elevated.  We took it again and it was fine.  But I could not shake the feeling that she did this wrong.  I left right away and went to Wal-Mart to the pharmacy to do a self-check.  It was 141/91 or something similar.  Elevated again.  I know that anxiety can cause this.  So I tried to think about that.  Doctor said to call him if my pulse was high.  But this time it was my blood pressure, not my pulse. 
January 20 Ė After a pretty good weekend, I had another small panic attack.  It lasted one second.  It felt like the original attack was about to happen, but nothing happened.  But it did feel like both sides of my head had some pressure and my vision on the outsides of my eyes had a black flash.  Itís very hard to explain. 
January 21-23 Ė Still feeling very, very anxious.  Have been waking up early every day with an anxious feeling.  Canít shake it.  Slight vertigo.  Iím trying to breath slow.  Drink water.  Eating okay.  I know I can eat more.   But, last night I finally got the ringing in my left ear.  It woke me up.  Not very loud and lasted a short amount of time. 

Not sure what my next move is.  Thinking about calling someone who specializes in anxiety.  Or calling the GP for a follow up.  Or calling an ENT.  Or just hoping it goes away.  The ups and downs of labyrinthitis are awful.  Now adding anxiety to it makes it worse. 

Iíve tried changing my diet.  No more coffee, alcohol from the beginning.  No more caffeine as of yesterday.  I donít drink pop.  Iíve been trying to drink those Emergen-C packets, take my juice plus, drink a tons more water.  Iím also trying the Irwinís Natural Sunny Mood.  Contains fish oil and lemon balm.  Which apparently helps? 

Sorry for rambling. I just needed to get this off my chest. 
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Re: labyrinthitis
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2014, 05:49:02 AM »
Anxiety is completely normal in most labs and VN sufferers. The condition will get better, and do not fear that you'll never be the same again or any of those types of thoughts. What you need to do to combat the effects of labs/VN is to stay active and not sit at home or excessively rest. VRT exercises can most definitely help and there are a few on Youtube that you can learn from. Dizzytimes is also a good forum specifically for people dealing with labs/VN and other issues - you should probably head over there as well.

As an ENT once told me: "You gotta get out there."
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