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Author Topic: Possible vocal cord damage? So scared  (Read 293 times)

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Possible vocal cord damage? So scared
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:07:01 AM »
For about 2 months I've had a hoarse voice and pain in my neck when I talk, sometimes when I don't. I had some kind of throat infection 2 months ago but I didn't stop using my voice, due to the fact I am a rapper. The infection is gone and I don't feel sick but my voice still sounds terrible and it hurts to use. I'm seeing an ENT next week to see what's going on. But I am deathly afraid my vocal cords are damaged, which they most likely are if I'm experiencing this. And if they are damaged, can this be permanent or can it heal over time? I am so scared because my voice is my career. I am becoming very noticed as a musican and I went to college for music business so I'm positive going to make a success career out of rapping. (I believe myself to be very talented). But I'm afraid this will ruin my life. I've been trying to stop talking and what not but I can't when people talk to me every day I can help but to talk. Please if anyone has any input in this it would be much appreciated. I know only the doctor can see what's wrong with me, but maybe someone here has had damaged vocal cords before and can relate/ tell me it will be okay.

Ps. My voice doesn't sound absolutely terrible, it's a lower tone and sounds like I have a cold. Not everyone can even notice it, but it's my voice and I use it everyday in my music so I know it sounds bad. Plus the pain, wtf
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