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Author Topic: They just think I'm lazy.  (Read 628 times)

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They just think I'm lazy.
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:43:50 PM »
I'm sick and tired of my family assuming that I am lazy because my daily routine consists of getting up late, eating, watching tv and then going to sleep late. What they don't know is that I am depressed and have social anxiety. No, I have not seen a therapist, but I have done a lot of research. My depression prevents me from opening up to anyone and my social anxiety prevents me from leaving the house. I hate that I can't tell my family and I know they only think I am lazy because they don't really know me. But I just wish one of them would at least ask me why I don't leave my house for weeks at a time and why I am always in bed. (Even though I would probably make up some daft lie that they would believe). I want to seek help from a therapist but again, even though it is irrational, I just can't seem to find the motivation or courage to do so. I just needed to put my thoughts out there because they were all over the place. Thank you.
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Re: They just think I'm lazy.
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 06:24:29 AM »
Time to open up and be honest with at least one family member. I went a whole year without telling anybody about my condition way back when it first kicked in. I got the same reaction. Lazy. What else can we expect them to think? They see us doing nothing all day long. They are not mind readers. The best thing I ever done was have a talk with my mother. Once that happened we began to get the right kind of help for me. It can be a hard first step to take. We do wonder what others might think about us. But it is a step you need to take. Or you will continue to suffer in silence and they will continue to think you are just been lazy. So speak. I am sure they will get behind you and want to help you out. Hard first step. But a vital one if you ever want to get help.
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Re: They just think I'm lazy.
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2014, 09:23:23 PM »
Hi everyone,
I've been trying everything to get out of bed in the morning. My day looks just like yours. Lately I started taking SAMe and it has helped some. I hate when I can't get up, I get so down on myself... I just keep praying until I get up...
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