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Author Topic: Do you keep a list of injuries?  (Read 335 times)

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Do you keep a list of injuries?
« on: January 19, 2014, 08:44:32 AM »
On an 'Everybody Loves Raymond' episode, Ray is seen pulling out a book beside his bed and writing down that he'd bumped his elbow or something that day. He explains to Deborah that if he sees a bruise later that week he can look and see what caused it.

I worry about TINY things since having cancer twice.  Silly tiny things.  Every tiny thing cannot be something minor.

I'm actually wondering if charting things (tiny things) might help me when I start to freak out.  Wondering if any of you have done this?

Yesterday I went to have my acrylic nails replaced. It had been over a month because I had my identity stolen two times in four days and was financially wiped out for almost 2 weeks.   Paycheck was stolen and debit card breached.

Just before the tech painted my last finger, I noticed a teeny brownish area at the tip of the nail bed where the nail extends.  My first thought was MELANOMA of the fingernail. I wouldn't let her paint it! I came home and googled (it didn't match) and I looked at it under bright light.  Looks like two little splinter hemorrhages starting to dry up. My doctor wasn't at the walk in clinic yesterday or I would have gone.  I went to and asked dermatologists (99 cents) and got 5 or more replies that the worst it might be is a 'greenie' from leaving the old nails on so long.  I took a pill. Took a nap and then went and let her paint it.  (Before you look at your nails,  melanoma of the nail bed occurs in about 80 people a year in the US.  My chance is something like a .5 out of a million.  Only 3% of all melanomas are this variety. 75% of those are the big toe or thumb. 55% of melanoma of the nail bed appear in people of color or Islanders.)

After the pill and nap I remembered that when I was loading the dishwasher about 5 or so days ago that I reached for the bottom rack and jammed my pinkie into the side of the d/w so hard that there was a bloody looking spot under the nail.

Even today, first thought when I woke was ........... brown spot on nail! 

I think taking notes of boo boos might help me. Anyone try this and have good results?
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Re: Do you keep a list of injuries?
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2014, 08:52:28 AM »
My internal medicine doctor told me to keep a listing of persistent or bothersome symptoms.
He said to write down the time of day or night they occurred, how long they lasted,
rate them on a 1-10 scale of pain, be very specific about the symptom, etc.
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