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Author Topic: HELP!!! Convinced I have lymphoma (or something horrible and cancerous)!!!  (Read 623 times)

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 :fragend005: PLEASE HELP!!!! Im freaking out! Im convinced I have some sort of Lymphoma or cancer! I have had multiple small , moveable , non painful swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my neck for 8+ years. Have not changed in size, may be a few more than in the beginning ( not sure, or if im just poking my neck more than i was in the beginning which is pretty much constant poking around now) . Been to many doctors and all of them feel just briefly and say nothing they are concerned about at all... Once again google is my enemy. Please tell me anyone else have anything like this?? How scared should I be??
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Most doctors actually do know what they're talking about.
And if you had Lymphoma or a cancer of any kind, something would have come up in blood work by now and other things would have surely came up, as well.

Just calm down and relax.
You are okay.
You are allowing your thoughts to go off the deep end.
Distract yourself...focus on something positive  :yes:
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