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Author Topic: Anxiety over the Stomach  (Read 173 times)

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Anxiety over the Stomach
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:32:38 AM »
Hi all, this is my first post in this section of the forum.  :action-smiley-065:

Basically, I have been a two-three year sufferer of health anxiety and all the nasty symptoms that come along with it. Skipping all that to recently, I managed to start up some medication and life style changes, and that worked great for 12-14 weeks. Symptomless and the best I had felt since 2012... But within seconds last Saturday night, I completely took a turn for the worst with one minor pain.

It was in my right lower stomach, and the alarm bells in my mind immediately sounded and I began thinking "appendicitis". Now before that, I was easily able to dismiss such thoughts, but a few things had happened recently in my life, not so much stressors, but potential triggers and it sent me backwards.

For the last week or so, I have had stomach cramps on and off, pain around my navel and upper abdomen, pain on the right side of my lower abdomen etc. Making a short appointment with my doctor (as us sufferers do), he poked, prodded and examined my stomach and told me that I was not showing any signs/symptoms of appendicitis and then proceeded to say, assuming he blew the diagnosis and got it wrong, every bump, movement, cough etc. would cause me significant pain if my appendix was actually inflamed. That was all well and good, he prescribes me Nexium for stomach acid (as I have issues with this) and told me to see him at the end of the week (today actually).

During that week, I waxed and waned with negative and fearsome thoughts of "what if" and the pains in my stomach, not so much crippling me or ailing me to the extent of mass worry, but enough to take time away from my day to day activities.

I should also mention that it has been extremely hot where I live and I do not do well in the heat, there is currently a heat wave of 40+ degrees Celsius and the air conditioner had been broken until today in my house as well. 

The other thing is, I have had a stomach ultrasound within the last few months that came back perfectly normal and my kidneys had been done not so long before that (reoccuring urine infections for a male, Doctor wanted to be sure everything was good in there).

So my question is, above all the pains and aches in my stomach and the thoughts of "omg appendix, death knocking at my door, something has been missed by my doctor, something is wrong with my stomach" should I really be concerned about my stomach aches, cramps and the pains after an ultrasound that came back negative for any illness or ailment in any part of my stomach entirely?

Just thought I'd hear some comments from people who can relate to the predicament that is health anxiety.

Thanks again.

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Re: Anxiety over the Stomach
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 06:37:01 AM »
I think your doctor missed nothing at all. You had tests done not so long ago. All was well. With anxiety such pains can come on us. For reasons we never understand. If we were to take two people. One a health anxiety sufferer and one who wasn't. The person who hadn't got health anxiety would be long since past the point of worrying and the pains would have gone away. You are focused on that part of your body. Feeding the fear that your doctor might have missed out on something. That is only helping to keep the pain alive. A bit like those who worry about their hearts. They feel a twinge. They focus on their hearts. They can feel every beat. Only because they are focused on it. Time to try and take your mind off of it. Focus on something else. I do accept that people with anxiety get mysterious pains at times. We all get them. But for most of us they do go away. Once we start to ignore the pain. You could have more tests done. But I would guess they would come back negative as well.
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The Lovable Irish Rogue

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Re: Anxiety over the Stomach
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2014, 03:26:25 PM »
Thank you a lot for your response.

I guess that is the thing I need to remember, I had these tests done and they came back normal so there should not be anything to worry about. As you said, the pain can come on us for unknown reasons, but I guess in a way a lot of us are hypersensitive to our own body.

I think that once I get myself back into my old routine, where I did not have much time to think about such things, these pains will start to diminish and I will slowly return to feeling better.

If I did ask my doctor for more tests, he would probably give me them and say, they are going to come back normal so you would be wasting your time.  :yes:

The funny thing is, last night I started to have breathing difficulties, it went from anxiety over my stomach to fearing a blood clot or heart problem. The wonders of health anxiety.  :dazed:
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