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Author Topic: just anxiety, no MRI. how!?  (Read 562 times)

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just anxiety, no MRI. how!?
« on: January 16, 2014, 08:59:33 PM »
i visited the doctor today for my blood test results, which thankfully all came back okay. Whilst there i took him a list of my symptoms and explained to him in detail my fears and the severity of my symptoms. Whilst there he checked my swollen neck gland which he said was fine and then my ears and throat. he also carried out a thorough test of my eyes/pupils by shining in a light, he said this would check for brain tumours or MS. He said he is 100% certain i am not suffering from any life threatening illness and prescribed me citralopram for anxiety.

After the doctors visit my symptoms have continued, headache (sharp and dull pains that come and go all across my head and sometimes take my breath away) facial rash, surges of adrenaline through my body, strange/horrible feelings in my head when i lie down or relax, aches and tingling in my fingers, toes, and calves, ear pressure and pain, nausea and sickness, as well as the worst symptom, extreme dizziness which sometimes makes me feel like passing out, it seems to be getting worse.

I know that to recover i need to accept the doctors diagnosis but i really don't see why he didn't send me for an MRI to properly rule out any serious conditions, particularly a brain tumour. Is an optic nerve test and neurological exam really that conclusive? i want to move forward but my horrible symptoms are really stopping me and i constantly fear i've been misdiagnosed as stories online often talk about brain tumour misdiagnosis and symptoms very similar to mine. i often feel close to passing out or having a seizure & feel this is the only way i will get a scan and be diagnosed. Below are a list of my symptoms which seem to be worsening.

*Spaced out-depersonalised
(these are the worst 2 symptoms, i literally feel out of it wherever i go and it's horrible)

*Gurgling stomach
*Bridge of nose pressure, nose pops but still feels the same
*Pressure behind eyes
*Tingling fingertips
*Burning top of head & forehead (feels like brain)
*Headache-moves around head from above ears to the back corners
*Leg, arm and abdominal twitches
*Wet feeling in ears-hard to explain
*Pain in ears
*Big pain in right index finger, very random
Foot tingling-comes and goes
Pain in knees, elbows, toes and fingers
Sharp pains in abdomen and behind ribs
Pulse in strange places
Palpitations during exercise
Tight throat
Facial rash
Hip pain
Pain above eyes
*Floor feels spongey when walking-almost like being on a boat
Burning in calf
Tingling face, next to eyes-skin sometimes feels tight
Pain in temples
Sore, watery eyes-pain behind eyes
abdominal pain
*panicky feeling-feel as though i'm about to have a seizure/pass out
random pain in chin
pain in shoulder
hot and cold sensations all over the body
lower/upper back pain
sluggishness upon waking up
chest pain, left and right side
sharp pain under tongue
slight cough
seeing things in corner of eye
pins and needles bottom of feet
shooting pains in colon (i suffer from IBS)
shin pain
eye floaters-worse on a morning
burning face-particularly under eyes
heavy head
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Re: just anxiety, no MRI. how!?
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 12:12:29 PM »

So sorry you are feeling like this, I can relate to the headaches, stabbing pains, pressure pains, whoosh of pain, rush of something and then dizzy, nausea, tingling, aching eyes.

I haven't had mri or blood tests, but have been told I have severe anxiety and on beta blockers propranolol one a day for 2 weeks.

Fed up of worrying, fed up of head pain and fed up of feeling scared. But 4 months later and 5 doctors and they all say it is tension headaches!

Sorry if I'm not helping, but hoping you will see in this post and many others that you really aren't alone.

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Re: just anxiety, no MRI. how!?
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2014, 02:39:43 PM »
This really, truly sounds just like anxiety. Treat your anxiety and the symptoms will go away. You have to learn to trust your doctor. If he sincerely thought there was any need for an MRI, he would have ordered you an MRI because it doesn't affect him any (not like it costs HIM something or HE has to do it) and to avoid malpractice sort of things, so rest assured - you don't need an MRI. The list of symptoms that you just gave is textbook hypochondria. Essentially, you have too many symptoms to ACTUALLY have anything wrong. It's anxiety.

Even if you got an MRI ordered, you wouldn't feel better. You may think you would, but you wouldn't. You'd want something else. Or think they missed something. Or move on to a new fear.

Treat your anxiety and the rest will follow.
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Re: just anxiety, no MRI. how!?
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2014, 04:09:50 PM »
thanks for the replies

i'm trying my best to accept it's anxiety but it's difficult when my symptoms are so nasty and debilitating. The headaches have come the last few days and they are really dull and sharp, sometimes taking my breath away. The pains in my joints are something i haven't seen many other anxiety sufferers mention but they're awful.

It's difficult to trust a doctor with your life when you feel so ill, i'm not sure how thorough a neurological exam and eye test is but i'm hoping it rules things out. Reading stories about brain tumour victims who had similar symptoms to me concerns me and also online articles about people being repeatedly misdiagnosed with anxiety strike a lot of fear into me.

The strange feelings that start in my head and flow through my body when i relax are really concerning as well as the random surges of adrenaline i get throughout the day.

I started taking citalopram tonight upon the doctors advice and i feel very muddled up and fuzzy mentally. i'm scared i'm losing my mind and about to have a seizure at times but i'm hoping this is just the medication kicking in. Sometimes i get frightened when i have a few brief moments of feeling normal cos i feel something sinister is building up around the corner, i can't win!
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Re: just anxiety, no MRI. how!?
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2014, 08:10:10 PM »
I have most of the symptoms you've mentioned, especially dizziness, walking on a boat and throat closing up feeling , and just like you, the doctors (all 5 of them) told me that they can tell if I have neurological symptoms by examining my optic nerve etc.
I am just now starting to learn that if the problem was neurological, parts of my body wouldn't be able to operate normally. I constantly check to see if I can move my body parts properly. The symptoms would be obvious too, like loss of balance or seizure. 

The head symptoms can be triggered by neck or any muscle tension. Tensing each muscle group and releasing it, helps loosen up that tension.  The face/nose/ear/ pain and pressure may be sinuses. I just found out I have bad sinuses and small fluid build up in one ear. I know these explanations sound dumb, but they often times lead to some weird sensations especially you have health anxiety.
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