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Author Topic: Fear of Inseticides  (Read 481 times)

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Fear of Inseticides
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:17:16 PM »
Lately, I have been getting nervous whenever a relative decides to use a spray inseticide at my house. I keep thinking about them not washing their hands after using it, and touching doorknobs, eletronic devices and other surfaces, contaminating everything and damaging such devices. i have even searched about the pyrethroids that are part of the insticide formula, to know about their lethality and decay rates. Should this type of inseticide deserve such worries?
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Re: Fear of Inseticides
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 04:29:18 PM »
No, its not a  something you should concern yourself with but being a fellow OCD/anxiety sufferer I know how you feel. Noone sprays insecticide in or around my home but me. Period! I would worry over it just like you and even though I hate spraying it myself I do it because I know where I sprayed it and I know nothing like food or anything gets contaminated. I wear disposable gloves and a dust mask while spraying. There is nothing wrong or obsessive about protecting yourself from chemicals. Even though getting some on your skin is not going to kill you, theres no point in exposing yourself to stuff unnecassraliy <----( i cant spell that word).
I have friends who work in the pest control industry and have for years and they dont even take the precautions that I do.
If you dont own the home you live in. Tell your family how it makes you feel and ask them to let you do it. When I use it indoors I dont go crazy with it. I spray a few baseboards and the floor right at  every entry door where bugs could come from outside. When I spray outside. I spray at the foundation all the way around the house. I spray at the bottom of doors and windows.
Also what will help is those little bait traps. Ants or roaches will go in get a tiny piece of gel that they take back to the nest and feast on and kills them and keeps you from having to spray as much in the house.
I know its terrifying messing with chemicals but they dont produce insecticides that me and you can buy at a store that can cause harm to us if used properly. Ive gotten stuff on my hands and read the MSDS sheet and freaked and called poison control and they have always calmed my nerves.

Ive watched friends and relatives spray bug poison and powder poisons with no protection and no worry and Im just like "how the heck do they do that!" They take no thought to it.
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