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Author Topic: Possible General Anxiety Disorder?  (Read 346 times)

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Possible General Anxiety Disorder?
« on: January 11, 2014, 12:51:59 PM »
Hi Guys,

 I've just come to the conclusion that I might have GAD & I was wondering what your opinions were. (I apologize for the long post  ;D !)

 Some background:

 a) I have/had Schizophrenia for a couple of years. (Symptom & medication free for 7 months now.) I had anxiety issues for a few months after it was triggered.
 b) I'm not particularly good at coping with stress: I tend to ignore it which works for a while until it builds up to the point where I have to deal with it; I used to use drugs whilst at Uni, for a variety of reasons, but often as a form of release; I also smoked until recently which initially was because I liked how it made me feel relaxed.
 c) As I said above, I gave up smoking 3 months ago. I definitely noticed an increase in stress levels since; I'm aware that quitting can increase anxiety in the short term & sometimes can have masked longer term anxiety issues.
 d) I have an addictive personality / I sometimes obsess about things. Not as much as I used to when I was a kid but I still have a tendency to focus excessively on a particular interest, hobby or notion for a couple of weeks.

 My current situation:

 Having just taken a few months to get back into a normal routine now that my Schizophrenia has cleared up (it was more the medication that caused problems to be honest), things were going pretty well & I had just given up smoking too.

 I was aware that I was getting easily stressed out which I just put down to Nicotine Withdrawal. I wasn't keeping on top of day to day things & that made me feel more stressed. This caused my usual reaction of wanting to take more time to relax to reduce the stress rather than doing the things that needed done. Obviously, all those daily tasks built up & made me more stressed. Eventually I would deal with them but usually not quite in full & the whole process started over again.

 Anyway, around the start of December I made a visit to the Doctor & mentioned off-hand that I was peeing 8-10 times a day & once every night. I was tested for Diabetes & the test came back normal. I started to feel a lot more tired & then thirsty as well. I went for more tests after Christmas. Long story short, although I have very high blood sugar averages for the past few months (HbA1c test), I am not in Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic ranges. Home tests have also shown I don't have any noticeable level of glucose tolerance either at the moment. All that it's demonstrated is I am at risk & it's within the realms of possibility that to a small extent, it might have been to blame for some symptoms.

 The thing that confused me most, was the Doctor said I wasn't showing signs of dehydration in my blood work yet I feel I am. I considered that it was psychological but ruled this out as I have a dry mouth.

 It occurred to me that over the past month or so, I have been rather obsessive about my health to the point where I believe my Doctor is missing things or wrong. I've also spent a lot of time looking up every possible bit of information on the tests, results & possible causes. (My Doctor is looking into other things too now.) Just today I began wondering if anxiety played a role & so Googled: "Stress, Frequent Urination & Thirst". What did I find... GAD.

 Considering everything I have mentioned, it would seem I might have GAD as it can cause all these symptoms including others I haven't mentioned thus far like problems staying asleep, loose stools, high RHR at times & also the behaviour that I exhibit. I think some of it falls under the umbrella of OCD but all the types of stress are linked together & GAD with a leaning towards health concerns seems to encompasses everything. It's a vicious cycle really: I feel bad, I look things up, I worry, that causes me to feel worse, I can't sleep & round it goes. It's quite likely minor health ailments started it all off but most of it could be attributed to stress. (*EDIT* - I just noticed there is another forum below about the health concerns part! Although it's a feature, there are plenty of things I don't worry about that I could which are health related.)

 The other possibility that fits things is a thyroid issue which is one of the other tests I am currently getting & that I may have some underlying anxiety issues on top of it.

 I've been obsessive about health in the short term before, but not had any other symptoms appear.

 What do you guys think?

 I reckon I'll wait until my Thyroid Function test is back & then mention the possible anxiety issues to my GP. It's probably worth me getting in contact with my previous Consultant Psychiatrist too as I think this surpasses the expertise of a GP; no doubt that's who my GP would refer me to if he thought there might be an issue.
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Re: Possible General Anxiety Disorder?
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2014, 05:39:31 AM »
The thing with anxiety is that it can share its symptoms with other conditions. Hence they do a lot of tests to begin first and if they all come back negative then they look towards anxiety as an answer. Second guessing your doctor is a classic trait of health anxiety. Thinking they missed something. Thinking there must be something worse wrong with you and they never picked it up during the tests. We get that a lot on the health anxiety section. But if I am to be honest nobody here can tell you that you have anxiety for certain. Just from reading words alone. This is were a doctor comes into play. They can see you up close. We can't. But I imagine that you think you do have some kind of anxiety issues. Which might fall back to this thing of the doctors not picking up on things again. Thus you are been your own doctor again. Have a word with your doctor. Tell him how you feel. He is the only one that can tell you for certain what you do and don't have. Everybody else on this forum would be only guessing. We can't examine you. The doctor can.
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