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Author Topic: Increased anxiety at the end of a cold--what's going on?  (Read 344 times)

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Increased anxiety at the end of a cold--what's going on?
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:04:48 AM »
Hi all,

For the last several days I have been battling a bad cold--actually, what I suspect is an undiagnosed flu (because of the body aches, extreme fatigue, and so on). Some of my symptoms seemed to be improving over the last 24 hrs, as my nose was less stuffy and my sore throat is all but gone.  However, I am now experiencing very bad chills, brain fog, and random aches and pains.  These are all problems that I have when my anxiety gets bad.  So I am left wondering whether my new symptoms are related to my cold--I could have gotten a secondary infection/virus throughout the duration of my initial cold--or am I having a random presentation of anxiety at the end of my cold/unrelated to the cold?   My anxiety has been quite manageable lately so I hope this is not the beginning of another challenging chapter. Just to give some relevant background info, I have been going through some issues during the past couple weeks about my long term relationship.  In spite of that and the cold, I was sleeping OK and not feeling particularly anxious. In addition, I found out that someone I know went to the hospital with a cold, got pneumonia, and then passed away.  I have dealt with health anxiety in the past and feel that it is manageable now.  But being realistic, I can't help but wonder if this tragedy is contributing to some of my symptoms (and I have been strongly considering going to the doc for a pneumonia check just in case).  All in all, I am just not sure what is going on.

Has anyone ever experienced random anxiety at the end of a cold or flu?  Is it more likely that my symptoms are a combination of my illness and anxiety from my personal life?   
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Re: Increased anxiety at the end of a cold--what's going on?
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2014, 04:21:21 PM »
Hello Andrea24, I can definatly relate to how you are feeling , except I begin to experience Anxiety symptoms PRIOR to getting sick. The first time it happened, I didnt relate the two and ended physically ill with the flu and a near emotional break down as I let my busy mind run away thinking I was starting the whole panic/anxiety cycle again. I spiraled out of control emotionally and eventually fell into the cycle I was so desperatly trying to avoid.

I have since learned to differentiate my symptoms, and if I feel anxiety peeking in, Im usually getting some sort of virus. Not to say that I dont experience it at any other time, but the severity differs. Im no doc, but it pretty much makes sense that when your body is physically ill,it is using all of its resources to fight the illness therefore leaving you emotionally weakened to a certain extent. Hence, anxiety finds a way to creep in.

Just thought I'd share my experiences with you  :spineyes:
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