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Author Topic: Muscle fatigue and pain - please help  (Read 271 times)

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Muscle fatigue and pain - please help
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:11:39 AM »
Hi everyone.

30 years old.  I've been dealing with some muscle-related symptoms for the past monthh.

Two months ago to about a few weeks into last month I had serious issues with extremely dry eyes and eyelid twitching.  Most of this is gone, thankfully, but I've had those symptoms replaced by another set that is starting to worry me.

I've been taking atorvastatin (brand name Lipitor) - 5 mg a day for a good year without any side effects.  Because of elevated liver enzymes, my doctor told me to last month to get off Ipitor cold turkey and said I shouldn't experience serious withdrawal symptoms since 5 mg a day is a low dose.

Within a couple days and for about a week, however, I experienced a bout of muscle weakness eventually went away - except I had this sharp pain (tenderness?) on the side of my left elbow joint (not on the joint itself - but the muscles that support that joint) that wouldn't go away.  It only happened if I twisted my joint a certain way, so I left it alone and continued on.

However, last week Monday/Tuesday, the side joint pain/tenderness spread to roughly the same area around my right elbow and to the side of my knees.  I also coud feel a little bit of the pain on my wrists - again it wasn't debilitating because I could still walk and it only hurt badly if I applied direct pressure on that area.

A few days later now my muscles are fatiguing somewhat easily at the most basic of tasks.  It's not to the point of preventing me from getting my usual work done, but it's been driving me nuts.  I'm somewhat out of shape so I've already gotten used to the fact I had muscles that fatigued somewhat easily and I've always had fears of ALS in the back of my mind, but now I'm actually getting worried.

I am thinking this may be to my body's late reaction to withdrawal symptoms from stopping the atorvastatin, but I always thought withdrawal symptoms happen shortly after stopping a medication, not 3 weeks after you stop them.

Of course, Dr. Google has freaked me out about this, telling me its anywhere from some sort of rheumatoid issue to lupus to ALS - I'm seeing the doctor today for a followup to discontinuing the Lipitor, but I just want to know I'm not going crazy and if this could possibly be something as simple as a combined form of anxiety and statin withdrawal.

If anyone has any experience please chime in.  I would greatly appreciateit, thank you.
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Offline BrightPhoenix

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Re: Muscle fatigue and pain - please help
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 01:07:33 PM »
Bumping.  I took a visit to my doctor and she's going to run a few blood tests on me to make sure everything's ok.  The fatigue is still there but at least I don't feel too much weakness (knock on wood).  This started happening maybe a couple days before the new year and I'm glad I have at least the doctor looking at it.

Anyone have any experience with this?  I get the muscle fatigue everywhere and some joint pain - mostly my arms and legs but also on my back and neck sometimes.  I still think it's a late withdrawal symptom from the Atorvastatin/Lipitor, but my doctor told me to get back on it since she realized the elevated liver levels I have is not due to taking the Lipitor.

I noticed these muscle fatigue posts aren't responded to as often, because I'm guessing there are other health anxieties that seem to feel more severe (I know I went through some major issues with worrying about brain-related stuff before).

Thank you for your help.
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Re: Muscle fatigue and pain - please help
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2014, 06:47:56 AM »
i too suffer HA, it hit me about a week ago, i had severe anxiety i thought i had a brain tumor, i felt weak at my knees and my elbows my body ached everything hurt so bad, it felt like i had such a fever as i only feel that way when i do, i just needed to lay down i could't stand i checked my temp and it was only 36.5, which is totally normal i was worried thoh if its not my fever then what is it.

i went to 7 doctors in the span of 2 days one hospital one mental ward and one medical clinic, they all checked me out and said i was fine.

and i was, all i had was anxiety, i was in such panic i saw white lights my left eye twitched my neck was tight my muscles for my shoulders were tight and my throat felt like it was closing also i could't breathe my chest as bounding i had hot and cold flashes my vision was a bit blurry my hears rang my hear had a heart beat and hurt i had ticks in my head and my leg i felt dizzy and felt like i wanted to throw up, i was shaking had headaches.

even with all these symptoms i was still physically okay.

it was all anxiety i had these symptoms for several days, but one by one they passed and i found new problems but they too faded away.

they fade away in time, i dint even believe the doctors but still i calmed when i herd i was okay, and one by one everyday i felt better, and i assure you, you will too.

there is no way the seven doctors i seen were wrong i even went to an ER, if they can pass me a clean bill of health with what i told them i am sure they can pass you too, they dint even have to check me, only one doctor did, he said i have the common cold, my anxiety made it severe it makes all your pains and problems feel worse then they are and makes you so tired as well.

even the slightest fan breeze made me shiver, everything was being amplified by the anxiety.

to clarify, its all anxiety.
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Re: Muscle fatigue and pain - please help
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2014, 10:33:44 AM »
BrightPhoenix, it is good that you are having this looked at by a doctor.  It certainly doesn't sound like ALS symptoms, so I don't think you have to worry about that.  It could be as benign as vague flu symptoms. 

I know how scary all this stuff can be.  I get a sore feeling in the muscles of my legs along with prickly sensations in the skin of my legs  I've had it on and off for 9 years with no diagnosis and believe me I've been tested thoroughly, including MRI's etc... I am presently seeing a naturopath to see if that helps.  Exasperating!!

I hope you feel well soon and let us know how everything goes.
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