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Author Topic: How can we turn this positive?  (Read 165 times)

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How can we turn this positive?
« on: January 09, 2014, 09:51:34 AM »
What's positive about the sensations of gad?

Gad is fear. Fear is apparently the same chemical as excitement. But the interpretation is different, we fear adrenaline, whereas others do not.

What I can't rationalise or intellectualise is that I do not fear fear itself, but I fear fear not turning off.

Which of course ensures that it does not turn off.

Anyone got an answer for this?

I've tried turning it into excitement, but I'm in the baby stages so far.

Any advice.

I don't get huge rushes of adrenaline, just persistent feeling shite adrenaline. Anyone help me reframe this?
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