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Author Topic: social anxiety and fear of getting a job due to ocd thoughts  (Read 509 times)

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social anxiety and fear of getting a job due to ocd thoughts
« on: January 09, 2014, 02:43:51 AM »
I suffer from ocd and social anxiety.. depression in the mix.. so i have pretty low self esteem, i'm afraid to work, my last job i quit because of intrusive thoughts about hurting people. the urge is very realistic, and the image.. its very frightening. I guess im reaching out hoping for a success story.. it seems in all social situations (most but not all the time) I get intrusive thoughts of hitting or pushing someone. I want to work and i want to quit fearing social interactions and actually be able to leave the house. my biggest fear is, i get a job, or i leave the house more often, yet a thought pops up and i end up acting on it. the other day with my sister in the car i had the image/video in my head of punching her in the face.. i love her to death, i was terrified and quickly sat on my hands because the urge was that strong = (  i haven't acted on the thoughts but im so scared one day i will just snap. i think its weird but i feel my ocd thoughts are triggered by my social anxiety because if im in my bedroom alone the thoughts aren't there, as soon as im around someone they pop up, would love to talk to anyone who can relate and possibly overcame this issue!
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Re: social anxiety and fear of getting a job due to ocd thoughts
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 06:45:13 AM »
The thoughts seems to surround you biggest fears. As in you love your sister. You would never really hurt her. Yet here is this thought popping into your head. Bit like me having a thought of killing my mother. Something I know I would never ever do. To make the fear even worse it shows you as the one carrying out the act. It is just the way the mind works. Takes your fears and throws them back at you as if they were actions that will be carried out. Not just by anybody. But by you, who would never ever really want to do such things. Because these are people you like / love. People you would never want to see hurt in any way at all. I have no experience with such thoughts. But they seems to be your worst fears played out so life like in your mind.
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