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Author Topic: Hello,Im Michelle,And Im crazy.  (Read 245 times)

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Hello,Im Michelle,And Im crazy.
« on: January 05, 2014, 12:09:15 PM »
Well thats what everyone keeps telling me. And let me tell you,Its quite frustrating. Ive been having anxiety about three years now,After my son was born,I had developed PPD and worst of all,Anxiety. The PPD subsided within a few months,But the anxiety has stuck with me since then and while I handle it outward,Inside my head Im going insane. I was on Lexapro for about eleven months,It definitely helped me deal with my symptoms,Like instead of freaking out and having an anxiety attack,I knew what was the actual anxiety, Rather than impending doom. But it caused horrible acne,And weight gain which im still trying to work off. So I stopped taking it,And Im alright. Throughout the years I figured out im more of a hypocondriac. Ive run to the hospital so many times thinking something was wrong with me.While some were unfounded,Most of the time I did have a minor issue. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism,Which symptoms ive been experiencing for nearly two years.So my general anxiety,Plus the anxiety caused by my thyroid really has me messed up. I decided to come on here because I dont feel abnormal speaking with others who suffer this as well,Its nice not to be scrutinized and be told "Just stop thinking " it doesnt work like that. Anyways, besides the fact I feel a bit paranoid all the time, Im quite funny,Fairly sarcastic, And the bees knees.Hope to make some friends here!
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Re: Hello,Im Michelle,And Im crazy.
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2014, 06:02:49 AM »
Welcome to the forum. Good to have you as a member. Here you are with like minded people. People who understand. As we all suffer from something or other. So feel free to ask any questions. Our members are always willing to help others out. Good chatroom too. 3 posts to enter the room.

Find the correct section of the forum that suits your condition and create a new topic on it. This is just a welcome section. Never really get the same amount of help in this section as you would on the other sections of the forums. So whatever one suits the questions you are asking. Get much better answers.
All users of the chatroom must be 18 years old or over. The room is off limits to anybody under the age of 18.
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