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Author Topic: MRI showed DVA left temporal lobe... mild seizure/epilepsy?  (Read 711 times)

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MRI showed DVA left temporal lobe... mild seizure/epilepsy?
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:21:50 AM »
I had an MRI of my brain and the only thing it showed was a developmental venous anomaly of the left temporal lobe. I had the MRI because finally after twitching for 7 months i went to a neurologist and he says it's probably just benign fasciculations. FOr the most part, they are on the right side of my face and that is where it started and lasted for about 3 months before it spread to other areas of my body, including the left side. THey are getting less and less, but still, i get twiching on the right side of my face. WHen it was really bad, it felt like my right cheek was being pulled back towards my ear. No one can see the twitches, i just feel them, and they don't hurt. I haven't talked to the neuro yet, but i got my results becasue i have access to see them. Of course i googled and it looks like DVAs are no big deal unless they are in the temp lobe, they can be associated with hemifacial spasm and seizures or epilepsy. As a child, i used to stutter a lot but not any more (left lobe controls speech coincidentally). Also, I remember twice hallucinating and seeing a wolf, it was so realistic, and also i remember having a very realistic out of body experience and i was floating above everybody and i remember seeing the top of their heads. Also, up until about age 12, i would smell pleasnat smells that were not really there, and i associated those smells with things or people and whatever i would smell would come true... it was really weird. I read those are actually all signs of a childhood epilepsy, it could be a paritial simple where you don't lose consciousness. All that stopped as i got older, and i only ever had one seizure when i was around 19 but i never told anybody or any doctor... i didn't think it was a big deal. I lost consciousness and my friends said my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and i was convulsing. I woke up and i was fine. Flash forward to today. For the past 4 years, i have been getting migraines with aura, and right before i get them, i experience this awesome sense of euphoria which i love... but then the aura starts and then 20 minutes later i feel like crap. I only get them 3 or 4 times a year. THis past month though, i had a strange headache which lasted 11 days... then i did some self help tips such as avoiding the computer and doing neck exercises and it went away, i went to work on monday and it came back and i no why it's from having to stare at the computer screen all day. Bright lights affect me and make me feel really weird and uneasy. Same thing happens when i shop in stores with really bright lighting, it makes me feel out of it. So my question is i think i am so tired all the time and get headaches because i am not getting proper sleep because i have some mild form of seizure or mild epilepsy causes by the DVA in my temporal lobe. I think it was worse as a kid but i grew out of it. I wonder if i took anti-seizure medication if that would help me sleep better at night and then i wouldnt be tired during the day and have these headaches. I didn't tell the neurologist about any of this. Should i tell him about this? Or should i just wait to see what he says first? I didn't tell him about the headaches or the one time seizure or any of that stuff because i was just so focused on what to do to make the twitching stop
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