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Author Topic: Fear of becoming Schizophrenic - how to over come it? Please reply  (Read 230 times)

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I'm 17 and I have a terrible fear of developing Schizophrenia.
My fear is not a completely un warranted fear as my mother and her twin are both Bi-polar type 1 and have had many phycotic episodes on a par in severity of that of a Schizophrenic.

I often analyse myself in order to check that I am not experiencing any symptoms and its taking over my life.

I wondered if any others had a fear of this, and how to ease my fears as I do have the ability to become Schizophrenic in my genetics.

Any replies would be great, I hope to hear some replies as I have also read that this is a common fear for many with anxiety disorders.

Many thanks, Bill
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Re: Fear of becoming Schizophrenic - how to over come it? Please reply
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 04:55:18 PM »
Hello . . . .

At 17, you have some really strong positive factors going for you . . . . first, our brains do not really complete their development until our mid 20s . . . . so, you have recognized an issue but rather than let it linger as a fear and create more questions than answers, engage with a therapist who can guide you to develop an understanding of schizophrenia / bipolar and help to guide you to manage your symptoms and to connect you with a medical practitioner who can monitor you to decide * if * and * when * you may need meds.

Second, if you are already taking meds (because you said that you have had many psychotic epiodes) understand the best way to take meds and what you need to avoid . . . . in other words, create and/or adjust your lifestyle to maximize the meds. At the same time, keep a log that describes if you are beginning to feel that you are entering any type of psychotic episode and get to your doctor immediately . . . . it is easier to deal with an episode at the beginning than once it is in full action.

Third, although keeping track of how you feeling is good, overanalyzing yourself is not . . . you have to reframe your focus or your whole life will become entrenched in trying to figure out if every little issue is a symptom or not . . .again, professional help will guide you on this . . .

Fourth, at 17 you are developing a context for life and for living. Not every event is a major event, but some events can have an impact because we are all individuals with different experiences . . . develop a trusting network for support so that as you experience events, you will be able to deal with them with support from friends and, of course, from this virtual community . . .

At 17, you are showing remarkable insight and questioning how best to plan your lifestyle . . . although genetics may be a factor, you are not limited to repeating the life of either your Mom or her twin . . . .the decisions you make may create a different reality for you . . . my best advice, and it is only a suggestion because all decisions of this type have to be in your own comfort zone, is to start learning from professionals (and not from the Internet) about how your schizophrenia is affecting you as an individual and then map out your strategies . . . and, of course, if and when you want to come to the forum, you know that we will support you as best we can . . .take care, kc
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