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Author Topic: Improvements in my life :new beginning  (Read 343 times)

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Improvements in my life :new beginning
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:52:48 AM »
I did something for once in my life. I took charge and made it better. I fought till I couldn't then got back up with help or my own doing. This year been a real eye opener for me. I did things I over came a lot and tried new stuff that I would never do. This is my story that I hope helps others on here.

I am an 24 female and for a long time I struggled with depression, anxiety/social, and even some PTSD. Soon learning at the end of this month I have Bipolar than depression.  I have the not sever one. But would explain so much over all these years my mood swings my fears and worries.  I finally am taking charge and getting it looked at more and taking new medication to treat it.  At first I was not believing I had it like it was some bad dream and became so down. Thinking my life was horrible and all the years of trying to make friends and anything else was from this. Even though, I admit it still a big shock to me I am going to fight it and be strong for my family. And really myself.  I never was diagnosed with PTSD but had some systems like I did.

I talked to therapists over the years but got disappointed a lot from them. Till I finally found one who really helps me and I open up too and trust. So as you can sorta see my trust in others was low and not good. But now seeing him and doing stuff for myself has improved I'm accepting more trusting.  True even for me or others like me who have social or people issues that your not sure if you can open up or trust them. I have off days. But knowing what you have accepting it getting treatment is the first step. With many others.

What I did was simple and may be different for all of you. But these really did help me a lot. Listing them now here.

-Stay away from anything negative, People, Things: such as books,TV,Movies,Video games, ect.
( I know its hard to do that but sometimes it really does make a difference if you can control it then try to do it less or not at all. I discovered it helps me and makes my mood better. Being around positive people more or things helps a lot. More than you know.  It really is a step for helping yourself )

-Staying fit and healthy.
(This does make me laugh still bit really is a key a lot of people say. Eating right and excising helps mood and body and mind if struggling with illnesses.  Can even help others too if you join in and encourage someone.  I don't like excising really so I know what your thinking. Its hard to move when down and sad. But you need to get up and try it. Even if you don't feel like it you really got to think is this how I want to feel always or I wont be happy ever, Ect...etc. Not easy working out or eating right. But it does help a lot more than you know. Self tough love I call it. Do you really want to stay like this? No. Taking one day at a time is key. Wont happen over night and be a pain in the butt someday's. But taking that step or trying it will work. Having others to do it with you helps as well. Not everyone will be like me or others but. You have to try if you really want to feel better and improve self.
Sleep too is key going to bed early helps with this too to feel fully rested. Helps mood as well. )

-Positive support.  (Having family or friends are very important to help you get better. Or feel better. some don't want it or scared too. But it helps a lot to even have someone listening to you or you can talk too. I had trouble with this a lot personally but even if you have one its better than none. Seeking it can help too. If you are lonely or need help go places that offer it or find it at work possible. Somewhere that you feel safe. I can't't really say too much else since everyone different. But support and that love helps.

I joined here struggling with a lot of people issues then some of my struggles going on day by day. I was under a different name but changed it. Over some time here I really liked it and I tried my best to make others smile or feel good. Since that's who I am.  Sometimes here was hard for me so I did left for a while till I realizing I need to forgive or push through hard times. I came back and glad to hear from some who missed me and did not know I left for good.  I had to do what was right for me. No one else. Thats something to also remember. Do things for you no one else. Be yourself and dont change for someone or anyone. Your strong more than you know. You will get through this and I know you will since I have.)

I still have ups and downs like everyone else but not letting drama or negative stuff take over again. You have to want it too to get better. That helps the most out of anything.  If my spelling was bad sorry not the best at it. ^^;; But hope this helped someone.

I currently joining a choir at a church and helping with some younger kids with basketball this year. So I came a long way of dreading to go out and having no job or social thing to me taking charge and having all this coming for me. Life is not easy but you can make it better and having help/support will help as well. Don't give up I wont ever for you.

Live life

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