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Author Topic: Bathroom Anxiety.  (Read 379 times)

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Bathroom Anxiety.
« on: December 30, 2013, 12:05:22 AM »
I have this awful fear of being without a bathroom. I go to the bathroom before leaving the house, when I get to where I'm going, and at least once every hour when I'm at work. And if I don't go before leaving, I will feel like I'm about to pee my pants. And if I'm at a store and realize they don't have a bathroom, I'll feel like I'm about to pee my pants. And if I'm doing anything, anywhere, that I can't go to the bathroom whenever I want to, I'll feel like I'm about to pee my pants.

I have jury duty for the first time tomorrow.

I could honestly cry right now.
I know it's better to not overthink it, but I am. I'm so nervous. I hope so much that they won't choose me. I don't wanna have to be the person interrupting court because I have to use the restroom.
I would love to do jury duty someday since I've looked forward to it all my life and feel like it's almost a "right of passage," but I wanna do it when I'm better mentally.

If anyone who sees this has done jury duty and can offer me any advice or comforting information at all, pleeease do. I'd rather not be a basketcase (and, in turn, have to pee more) when I show up tomorrow...
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Re: Bathroom Anxiety.
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 05:59:53 AM »
If you have issues you have to tell them in advance. This is an issue. One I would tell them about. The time might not be right for jury duty. It is all in the mind. Looking around when you enter places. Seeing is there a bathroom close by. You don't see one you think the worst. What if I have to go? That in turn can make you feel like you do have to go. Then you feel lost / afraid because you can't see a bathroom anywhere. Similar to a smoker who runs out of smokes and can't make it to a shop to buy more smokes. Straight away they will feel like they must have a smoke. Really they could go without for a few hours. More a mental thing than anything else. You ever hear of Kagel exercises. Hope I spelt that right. They are exercises for strengthening the muscles down below for females. You can look them up. They might help you out with your issues of wanting to pee every so often. I might have the spelling wrong. But I am sure you will find them. Then see can you put them to use.
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Re: Bathroom Anxiety.
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2014, 10:30:39 PM »
I have the same fear, but it's not just when a bathroom isn't available. I just constantly have a fear that I will "pee my pants" so to speak.

It was getting out of control so I bought Poise overnight pads, and forced myself to urinate in one while I was home. (I know, I know! lol) When I realized there was no issues/leaks/problems/etc., I felt so much better.

Now when I start to worry about having an accident (which has never happened to me), I just remind myself that it's no big deal if it does. It's helped a LOT.

As for jury duty, if you have problems with anxiety I'd recommend a doctor's note. Seems like unneeded stress for yourself.
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