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Author Topic: Anyone else suffer from this? :(  (Read 305 times)

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Anyone else suffer from this? :(
« on: December 29, 2013, 07:40:13 PM »
I'm new here but I am in desperate help!  I have suffered from emetophobia my whole life.   I would go to sleep as a child praying I wouldn't get sick in the night. It got "easier" when I got married to a man that "v" frequently. Then I had my daughter. I tried so hard not to show my fear around her,  not wanting her to have the same fear.  She has had a couple of bad viruses,  and for the most part I would do my thing of cleaning and my husband would help by taking care of her,  me living with the fear of getting sick myself.

But last year my emetophobia "morphed" into something else. I now have a horrible,  irrational,  think about it every night fear of my daughter getting sick, not me!  I have had to go to the er twice with SEVERE panic attacks when she was sick. :( My doctor gave me Ativan but it does nothing for me.

I should also say that I have other anxieties, depression, OCD and am taking Effexor (blech!)  I am sure it revolves some sort of control issues,  I know that a big part of it is not knowing if she will make it to the bathroom or not.

This is killing me.  :(  I can't go on like this for much longer.  I feel so alone. 


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Offline Cuchculan

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Re: Anyone else suffer from this? :(
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2013, 06:09:22 AM »
There are a load of us who suffer from it. Something we more or less have to put up with. I always class it as a form of eating disorder as those who get it, at times, will stop eating. The logic of no food in the stomach = nothing to throw up. Something that happened to me. I went without food for a few months. So much so I ended up in hospital. Lost a lot of weight. Just a fear of throwing up. But what I was amazed at was that most doctors never heard the name of the condition before. Thus they had no idea how to treat it. Most just saw it as anxiety. Then I met a doctor who knew what it was. He started to teach me how to eat all over again. I began to put the weight back on. He put me on medication called stemitil. It is to stop you throwing up. Not that I ever did throw up. That's the whole thing. The fear of it is always there. But it never happened. I do know how I gained the fear. If you are part of our other site ' The Wire ' you can read my full story over there. There is a link to the wire in the top right hand section of your screen. For now, distraction is all I can use and try and not think about things. There doesn't seem to be many more answers out there.
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The Lovable Irish Rogue

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Re: Anyone else suffer from this? :(
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 08:00:50 AM »
I have had this for most of my life.

It flares up now and then, especially when I hear about others being sick. I'm not one to try new foods in fear it will upset my stomach.

I had my daughter 9.5 months ago and I got sick a handful of times while pregnant and once while in labor, and I thought maybe I was cured as I went a while feeling great about everything and anything. Recently though, I have heard a lot of people have come down with the stomach virus and it's causing my panic to rise up again. I don't stop myself from eating as I know being hungry makes me feel worse. Instead I'll eat just enough to satisfy the hunger, and not a bite more.

I have Phenergan and Zofran on hand (leftover from pregnancy) for the "just in case" moments.

Other than that I just wash my hands frequently, take probiotics and try to avoid those who are sick.
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Re: Anyone else suffer from this? :(
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2014, 07:00:23 PM »
You are definitely not alone in this fear.  What you need a small dose of Xanax to get you through such times.   I too have the puking fear (I like to call it puking, it doesn't sound as scary...) anyway when my daughter would even say, "My stomach hurts"  I'd freak out inside.  I'd keep asking her every 5 minutes, "How is it now?  Is it worse than before or better?  What kind of pain is it?" and on and on (she is now 26, I did no damage to her thank God, but I just couldn't help it) those nights she'd say something like that I'd have to take a Xanax or I wouldn't sleep all night, I couldn't eat either, I'd start to shake.  Xanax is stronger than Ativan it may help you.
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