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Author Topic: On to the next one...Lymphoma  (Read 154 times)

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On to the next one...Lymphoma
« on: December 27, 2013, 07:52:27 AM »
Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this.  I'll try to keep this short.

I'm a 25 YO male and I've been dealing with HA off and on for 2-3 years.  I had actually been doing really well lately until around Thanksgiving when the lymph node on the left side of my neck was painful and swollen.  Went to GP and was told it was caused by the cystic(?) pimple I had on my lip.  Sounded reasonable but of course I didn't want to believe him.  He prescribed me doxycycline for 2 weeks.  The cyst went away and I didn't notice the swollen node anymore.

Christmas morning I woke up with the pain in my neck again and it was swollen to about 3/4 of an inch and was hard (I could move it around a lot).  This happens a day after i tried to pop a cystic pimple (bad, I know) on the side of my nose.  I know it's probably the same thing happening as before but it still freaks me out.  I also find it odd that I had terrible acne in high school but never had swollen or painful nodes.  Why would it start to happen now for a single pimple?

And of course now I'm thinking about other "symptoms" I have.  I have itchy skin sometimes but I work in a dairy cooler all day and I know it's probably dry.  I don't think any of my other nodes are swollen.  I have pain in my groin, but I am 90% sure it is related to the inguinal hernia repair I had done in March.  I've been very tired and fatigued lately, mostly because I can't sleep more than 6-7 hours before the HA makes my brain race a million different ways.  Considering how much I eat I should weigh a lot more than I do.  I workout several times a week but still find it odd that I stay the same weight.

The sad part is I know there's a reasonable explanation for most of the things I feel, but can't stop Googling, obsessing, etc.  Just when I thought I beat HA it comes back with a vengeance.
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Re: On to the next one...Lymphoma
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2013, 08:08:55 AM »
There is one flaw in your reasoning - lymphoma doesn't hurt. Therefore there is no need for googling symptoms of lymphoma because your lymph nodes would be swollen and would not hurt.
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