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Author Topic: Is This An Anxiety Issue  (Read 156 times)

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Is This An Anxiety Issue
« on: December 25, 2013, 02:42:23 PM »
I thought I would repost what I said in my introduction below. I'm pretty sure I fit under this category of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so here is my story/question. I just want to have some peace of mind I suppose.

"Hello everyone,

My name is Michael, I'm twenty two years old and I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder about two years ago. I have issues generally when I have to get into a car, which is strange because it is not like anything bad has ever happened to me in a vehicle like a crash.

At the time I was going through stuff like my taking care of my sick Grandfather, my uncle had killed himself and another friend died of cancer. There was a lot on my plate and the anxiety disorder began to run my life and I went into a deep depression. I was able to snap out of that and for the last year I was doing really well, including going out with friends and finally being able to attend family functions. My jobs is quite stressful as I am a writer (I know, maybe not the best career choice for someone like me, but I love writing, always have).

I have a friend also living with an anxiety disorder which is slightly different from me, so we talk all the time. She has no issue with going out in the car. Why I joined was recently (about three months ago) I began getting lightheaded. It got bad one night and I went to the hospital, he said it was probably my allergies, a month past and I was back at the hospital because I began having chest pain, they did every test known to man on me and it came up clear although he did find it strange that my heart rate went up when I stood. Although they never checked my head at all.

I'm now at a point where I am not really lightheaded, but I sort of have this pressure behind my eyes and I can't really stay focused. I have a sore neck and I've been getting tired early now, even when I don't do anything strenuous during the day. I haven't been able to enjoy the holidays the same.

I just want to know this is anxiety and what I could do to make myself better. I've read a lot and everyone saying they've had the same issue and it was anxiety, but there is that stupid voice in the back of my head that says it's something really bad and I keep thinking I could die as ridiculous as that sounds. Can anyone put my mind at ease? Because I want to get it down a bit so I can go see my doctor in Toronto, but of course the car is my enemy at this point. I just don't want to get into another rut like I was before.

Oh and just to be specific, if I get in the car and too far from home I begin having a panic attack.

Sorry for writing something so long, but yeah... I'm glad to be apart of this community, where there are multiple people who know what I'm going through.


Oh an feel free to ask any questions if need be, I'm a very open person.
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Re: Is This An Anxiety Issue
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2013, 05:06:26 PM »
Hi Michael...  I gather that from what you have written on your post, that you are having some new symptoms.  Certainly anxiety can produce a multitude of symptoms, and those include the ones that you described.  To me, it's always best to start by seeing a regular physician, to rule-out any physical condition not related to anxiety.  I did have a CT scan of my head when my symptoms started four years ago, and it at least gave me some peace of mind when the test was negative.  I have anxiety (GAD) with panic attacks.  To handle my GAD I see a psychiatrist.  I was started on a new anti-depressant a little over four weeks ago.  I am also scheduled to start CBT (therapy) the end of next month.  For me I want to learn as much as I can about my disease, and gather as many tools/resources as I can, to learn how to handle it.  The best to you, Michael!...  Chuck
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Re: Is This An Anxiety Issue
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2013, 06:14:44 PM »
Hi, I think what you are experiencing is anxiety related. You and I actually have a lot in common, I was diagnosed with GAD a few years ago. I also have had panic attacks in vehicles--even as a passenger. And I have had some un-explainable physical symptoms like light headedness.

I was the care-taker for my Mom for years, she passed away in Aug. 2012, and I was the one who found her after she passed. The panic I experienced when I found her left me with a rapid heart rate that lasted days, leaving me unable to sleep for four days. I can't even describe how terrible I felt at that time. I even had lost about 5 pounds which I already could not spare---had to drink Ensure drinks just to stay afloat of it all.

Then my dear friend and brother-in-law passed away 8 months later. He asked me to take him to the hospital for his first visit with his oncologist so I did---that was 4 days before he passed away. I sat in the room with him as the doctor gave him the bad news---it was a very difficult to sit there and hear, but I was there to support him, and had to remain strong.

The pressure behind you eyes could be from tension, I also have that from time to time. Pain in the neck...also probably tension from anxiety. Lightheadedness is common with anxiety, I've also had my share of that symptom.

Not trying to minimize what you're going through, I just wanted to say you're not alone and these feelings are common to anxiety. It's pretty amazing how many symptoms can come from being anxious, it's just difficult to accept sometimes. Take care :)
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