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Author Topic: Ill for past 2 weeks adrenaline sucks  (Read 540 times)

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Ill for past 2 weeks adrenaline sucks
« on: December 22, 2013, 11:35:25 AM »
Well i hope every one is doing good, ive been horrible these past 2 1/2 weeks, ive been in the hospital since court on friday and have felt horrible, every day these last 2 weeks i have had at least. 10 adrenaline rushes a day with my blood pressure shooting up to 180/120, right now the doctors have done a blood test every 4 hours for my heart and blood pressures also, had an echo of my heart done yesterday with no irregularities and an ejection fraction of 60% which is good, they are doing a stress test on me even though i really dont want it, i believe all these anxiety attacks and adrenaline rushes and hot flashes are due to me maybe having a pheochromocytoma but this doc here wont do the simple blood test to see if i have a adrenal tumor causing these constant rushes of adrenaline, these past 3 days ive been given ativan, xanax, and klonopin which jut makes me tired but still anxious, all day long my body is tingling with adrenaline, just wondering if any one has ever been in this situation. Last but not least they woke me up at like 2am saying my heart rate was at 45bpm but normal and they checked my blood pressure and it was 103/65. So im good there, was not dizzy when i sat up or stood up fast so i guess thats a good sign.. well Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year from me, hopefully im not in here for christmas.  :traurig001:
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Re: Ill for past 2 weeks adrenaline sucks
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 06:36:31 AM »
Well at least you are in the right place to be feeling as you are. No better place than a hospital to feel bad. Lot of doctors around. The thing with anxiety is that once they know you suffer from it they will blame everything you feel on the anxiety. It is a common thing for anxiety sufferers. We could walk into a hospital with an arm hanging off and they would say ' anxiety '.  :laugh3: Once it is there on your medical records it will follow you around for life. Another thing I think they are well used to is doing tests on anxiety sufferers knowing the results will be negative. They are so used to people running to ER and saying they think they are having a heart attack. They do various tests and find nothing at all. So they are never really quick if we suggest something to them. Plus they might have seen something in other tests that makes them know it is not what you assume it might be. You could always ask them a straight forward question. How they know it is not pheochromocytoma. Just see what they say back to you. Nothing to lose by asking them.
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