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Author Topic: Does it get better? please say it does?  (Read 307 times)

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Does it get better? please say it does?
« on: December 21, 2013, 09:28:33 AM »
I'm having a bit of a pity party right now, although it might just be my medication messing with me.

This year I quit drinking alcohol, I was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking medication, I was diagnosed with social anxiety (no shocker there), a week ago I had a 10 hour long panic attack that was so bad that my psychiatrist told me I should have gone to the emergency room. I just started celexa 3 days ago and I have to carry ativan with me in my pocket all the time (I haven't taken any yet).

I've always had extremely severe social anxiety, now I'm worried in the last few years that it's developing into more general anxiety and I think I must be depressed too. Last night I cried because I was packing my car for vacation and there wasn't enough room for everything. I'm 36 years old, have no friends, never had a girlfriend and I'm still a virgin.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist off and on, 2 psychologists, and just finished a 11 week ADHD 'support group' kind of thing. After my panic attack on Monday, I was in such bad shape I seriously considered having myself voluntarily hospitalized.

This year - it seems like the more I dig, the more I find wrong, and I really just need some reassurance that it does get better. I hope it does.
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Online Cuchculan

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Re: Does it get better? please say it does?
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 01:12:48 PM »
Once you know what the problems are you can begin on trying to make things right. No matter how bad things may seem right now, there is always a road back. I won't even pretend that road back is an easy road. It can take time. It can mean a lot of work. Medication and therapy are only part of the answer. The hardest part is the work we have to put in. We can have all the answers and not know what to do with them. Theory is so easy. Practice is the harder part. You had one big long panic attack. Now we can go two ways on this. You can get it in your head that this will happen again. If you do that I am sure it will happen again. Or you can put that down as a once off bad event. It is over with now. This time of year can add to stress. You had a bad week. Trust me we all have setbacks from time to time. When we feel like we want to explode. You just have to try and sit down. Relax it up a bit. Take out a pen and a piece of paper and try and make a list. Things you know need changing in your life. You can do this over a period of days or weeks. If something new comes to your mind you add it to the list. We then set small goals. Nothing major to begin with. Look at your list. Just take one thing. That is the thing you work on to begin with. You ignore the rest for now. If we view the whole list we see what looks like a pile of problems and it makes it look like there is no way out of this at all. So we are breaking it down. Working on one thing at a time. To add in your age and your involvement with women has got nothing to do with getting better at all. So what if you are still a virgin. I am sure there are older virgins out there. This time is your time. You have to sort your own life out first. Bit by bit. You can visit sites like you tube and watch videos that relate to how you feel. There are loads of good videos over there. You might learn a lot or even something small you can use. Self help books are good as well. But keep track of your progress. In a journal or something along those lines. If you get to see a therapist don't be afraid to say what you would like to work on first. You just have to believe in yourself. We have all been there before. This is the time you have to dig deep and pull yourself out of that pit you are in. Start taken those first steps back along that road to where you want to be.
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Re: Does it get better? please say it does?
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2014, 08:51:26 PM »
I agree with what Cuchculan said.
You ask if things get better - I used to ask myself the same question. Now I know that they do.  I had my first panic attack 10 years ago.  I was formally diagnosed with anxiety&depression disorder by a psychiatrist 5 years ago and started taking medication then, as my depression got so bad I could barely function. It took me months of therapy and work on myself to fight it.
but hey, im off my medication, and things are looking up for me, so yes, it does get better. have faith. and continue the good work you've started - medication, therapy. do both, regularly, but remember that they will take weeks, if not months to start working. but once they do, you will feel like you got your life back! it is worth it. good luck!  :angel-smiley-006:
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