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Author Topic: Help! heartbeat and anxiety  (Read 159 times)

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Help! heartbeat and anxiety
« on: December 19, 2013, 10:43:43 PM »
Hi, i have had generalised anxiety disorder for over 2 years now and i haven't left the house since May this year.
I'm 23 years old but recently i aimed at going to Concert in Manchester, Uk.
I got in the Taxi and felt like i couldn't breathe so i came back home. Ever since then i've noticed my heart has been beating in a weird rhythm.
I had pressure in the back of my head for about a week Prior. Since the 30th November 2013, My heart has been a weird in when i stand up,
i notice my heart slows down quite a bit. I do get pretty paranoid about my heart, i check it regularly because sometimes when i can't hear it...i tend to panic. I've noticed it slows down like to a DUM....DUM....DUM....DUM...then speeds up to a normal rate. When this happens i don't feel dizzy or anything. I sometimes get breathless and feel like i have to force myself to breathe if that makes sense. But the main thing i feel when it slows down is like there's a tight belt squeezing around my ribs where the sternum ends in the middle of the chest to each of my sides. I start to panic thinking that i'm going to die. I feel dizzy after the heartrate speeds up. I've had other symptoms this past week though such as spinny head, extremely tired, feel light i have to cough, random sneezing.

I have been hospitalised before for anxiety and had chest xrays, holter monitors, ecgs...they all came back that my heart was healthy but the last time i was taken to hospital cause of it was over a year ago so idk if my heart has become damaged during that time.

Is this Anxiety or a underlying heart problem? Or am i just being paranoid. Im really scared though, I don't wanna die at 23 :( Please help!
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Re: Help! heartbeat and anxiety
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2013, 04:32:53 AM »
It's perfectly normal...I experience the same thing when my anxiety is hieghtened. Skipping heartbeats (due to my heart arrhythmia, which is worsened when I am anxiety stricken), dramatic changes in heartbeat....pretty much what you just described.

I first discovered my heart arrhythmia (not saying you have it, and even if you did it doesn't kill anyone, just means sometimes the electrical firings go a little berserk and it isn't a long lasting) was during a very anxiety stricken point in my life. I got worried, feeling my heart change pace and go all over the place, feeling a hollowness, these flutters in my chest. I freaked out about them which only made the entire situation worse. The feeling had lasted for days because I was sooo worried.

So pretty much, you may be bringing it about yourself. You experienced something and then over-rationalized it, which in turn caused it to become chronic and worse. As for how to solve it? I cannot entirely tell you, except for take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself on a warmed blanket from the beach sand with the sun on your back. Focus all your attention on the sounds, the feelings. Or, put yourself into another happy place (the beach is mine), and focus all of your energy there. It will calm your mind and muscles, and more than likely once you calm yourself and let yourself know you are okay, you will experience less of the heart randomness.

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