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Author Topic: Neurontin side effects and Remeron  (Read 193 times)

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Neurontin side effects and Remeron
« on: December 19, 2013, 07:34:12 AM »
 A little back story, I am on my 4th week of Prozac. I am slowly building my way up to 20 mgs--this is my first few days on 15 mgs. I have already begun to notice improvement in my depression, but the anxiety is persisting. My anxiety gets particularly bad at night and I have horrible insomnia. My doc gave me Neurontin to help with my sleep.  I take 100 mgs before bed.  I've taken Neurontin twice now and I don't like it.  I feel exhausted in the morning and it has take me so long to get out of the bed! I've taken Trazadone (incorrect spelling I believe) in the past and had terrible headaches all day afterwards.  Perhaps my body doesn't like sleeping meds.  Does anyone else have experiences with Neurontin?  Especially anyone who is also on an SSRI? I really want to sleep normally again.  Melatonin does not help me because of the panic attacks I get when falling asleep.  And I do not want to rely on Xanax. 

My doc has mentioned the idea of combining my Prozac with Remeron.  I don't like the idea of weight gain with Remeron--and I would prefer not to be on on two meds at once long term.  And honestly, I really am trying to avoid the several week "down period" that happens when you start taking anti-anxiety med.  I know Remeron will take a while to work even if I do embrace taking it and the possibility of weight gain.  Anyone use Remeron, with or without an additional SSRI? 

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Re: Neurontin side effects and Remeron
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2013, 04:14:13 PM »
Anyone use Remeron, with or without an additional SSRI?

Yes, it is quite common. I think trazodone is better, but if it causes you headaches then Remeron would be a good alternative. You could also try Benadryl.

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NOTE: I'm not a doctor, and particularly not yours, so there may be factors I'm unaware of. Therefore all advice is of a general nature and you should consult your doctor before following any of it, especially before changing med doses.


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